About Writing Colorfully

Behind the screen, I am 24 years old and live in Springfield, Illinois. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and English. Passionate about color, typography, and an eye for small details, I am a full-time graphic designer.

In my free time I write, read, explore new sights around my town, scroll through Pinterest for new recipes, and find beautiful moments to photograph.

I hope you enjoy the personal narratives and literature and art-themed topics I publish weekly.

New posts each Wednesday!

How To Implement A Daily
Reading Schedule

Implementing a reading schedule isn’t as challenging
as it may seem and the goal can easily customize to any lifestyle. Here are some essential tips!

All The Fortunes I Have Kept

In college, I began saving each fortune I received having thought the tabs of paper would be a wonderful momento for when the fortune struck true. Collecting fortunes had grown routine for me and I like to believe that saving each fortune and rereading them will come with a wave of happy memories.

Happy New Year

What scurried across your mind when the ball dropped
in New York City and midnight flickered across living
room clocks? What was your first thought when champagne glasses clinked, lips locked, and noise
makers popped?

Poems To Get You In The Mood For Snow

“The very fact of snow is such an amazement,” says Roger Ebert. Snow. 1 word and 4 letters, yet your mind flurries with a million flakes and beautiful, cold memories that warm your world. A lover of snow or sheer sun worshiper, here is a collection of poetry to prepare you for winter’s precipitation.

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