5 Things Code Taught Me

Coding is crazy. I mean, seriously. It can be so intense just staring and typing out lines and lines of odd symbols and words that sometimes do not make much sense. It is a concept that can become complex quickly as it continues building off of itself. To all the coders and programmers out there,… Continue reading 5 Things Code Taught Me


The Red Pen Ponders

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com I used to dread the red pen phase. The cross-out conundrum. While I find it less annoying now, I still recognize the roller coaster ups and downs that go along with the process.  But that is just it, though, it is a key component to the process. Late nights… Continue reading The Red Pen Ponders

An Alphabet of Words

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com I am always looking for new words and phrases to incorporate into my writing.  Using the notepad app on my iPhone, I have a sheet of notes devoted to those words and phrases I plan to use in some way, shape, or form in the future. I also have… Continue reading An Alphabet of Words