An Alphabet of Words

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I am always looking for new words and phrases to incorporate into my writing.  Using the notepad app on my iPhone, I have a sheet of notes devoted to those words and phrases I plan to use in some way, shape, or form in the future. I also have another sheet dedicated to little poems I think of.

Taking inspiration from that sheet of notes, I wanted to create a unique blog post.  I took those lonely words and splashed them, one by one, onto this page.

The purpose? I want to encourage writers to use new words.  To use the words that are not used enough.  Just because those repetitive and ordinary words exist does not mean we have to use them.  I keep these words in the back of my mind as I work on my own writing, hoping to use every single one, almost like a miniature bucket list.

To make all letters of the alphabet feel less lonely, all words begin with each letter because creative writing should be creative after all.


Bold, daring, taking surprising risks.

“He was audacious as he broke every promise he made to her.”


Something pretentious and high-sounding in regard to writing or speech.

“Her speech was bombastic as it echoed across the theatre.”


Young, inexperienced, and at times immature.

“The callow children were unsure of how to paint in the lines.”


Dressed up and fancy, to wear high-end clothing.

“His dapper suit caught her attention on the crowded dance floor.”


Unique, original, peculiar, or odd.

“She liked to wear eccentric colors and patterns.”


Wild, lots of excitement and thrill, a frantic attitude or action.

“The trees lashed into a frenzy as the thunderstorm strengthened.”


Something light and delicate.

“Her dress was gossamer with lace and sequins.”


Calm, peaceful, abundantly happy, or wealthy.

“Her days with him were halcyon and full of sunshine.”


About to occur.

“They awaited the impending snowstorm beside the fireplace.”


To have side by side, likely to comparison.

“The happy memories in her head were juxtaposed with the sad ones.”


A blend of colors and shapes to create an abstract pattern.

“The ocean was a kaleidoscope of light blues and greens.”


Bright and reflective in color.

“The moon and stars were luminous tonight.”


To be engrossed, fascinated, and in awe.

“The little girl was mesmerized by the butterfly’s wings.”


To counterbalance or nullify.

“Ice cream and cake dessert negates her salad diet.”


Loud, outgoing, extravagant, or immature and vulgar.

“He lived an ostentatious lifestyle with diamond watches and gold suits.”


Lots of distracting noise and chaos.

“The loud bursts of fireworks caused pandemonium of frightened children.”


Old-fashioned and vintage. Charming.

“The tiny seaside town featured quaint beach houses and cafes.”


To have wild energy.

“The rambunctious dogs continued racing around the backyard.”


To discover unexpected luck and fortune.

“Their love was pure serendipity that could only be wished upon shooting stars.”


An award, souvenir, trinket, or charm given to something to keep evil spirits away.

“A talisman of power sat on her bedside table, keeping all ghosts far away.”


New and original, refusing to conform to standards.

“Her outfits were unconventional, pushing boundaries as she strutted down city sidewalks.”


Energetic, bubbly, and lively.

“Her vivacious sentences were decorated with exclamation points.”


A strong passion and impulse to travel.

“Her wanderlust took her to clover fields in Ireland and beneath rainbows in England.”


The study of extraterrestrial life.

“Xenology was his favorite subject as he hoped to become an alien specialist.”


To strongly want something or someone.

“She yearned to wear her fuzziest sweater as she walked home in the snow.”


Showing dedication and devotion.

“He worked with zeal and sheer focus.”

Dictionaries and thesauruses tell us that millions of words exist. But just because these words exist does not mean they have to be used. We must pick our words carefully and thoughtfully. I hope this list has inspired you to use the most lonely of words.






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