The Oxymoron & Alliteration Appeal

We start learning them in elementary school. Maybe second grade, maybe third. English is already molding young minds as we sit in small chairs, feet brushing the floor, only if we’re lucky. Fresh lined paper placed on the desk in front and a yellow number two in hand. The teacher stands at the front of the room, Communication Arts is in session. Literary devices. We … Continue reading The Oxymoron & Alliteration Appeal

Style Your Life with Embroidery

Out of all the ways to describe myself; big dreamer, writer, reader, designer, photographer, blogger, art lover, color obsessor, music listener, YouTube watcher, soda drinker, and Starbucks consumer, I am happy to add ’embroiderer’ to the list. It’s hard to pinpoint how I got into embroidery in the first place. Maybe it was my passion for the arts or maybe the millions of ideas I … Continue reading Style Your Life with Embroidery

Interior and Exterior: A Poem

Human beings Are like houses The letter h Alliteration In a mouth’s pronunciation Skin in pigmented shades Foundations in brick or stone Stucco siding The shells that form shapes Pretty like the beach ones Damaged like the turtle ones A glamorous outside Gorgeous and ornate Like a Christmas tree ornament Down the street A destroyed outside Run-down and abandoned Like the location no one wants … Continue reading Interior and Exterior: A Poem