Interior and Exterior: A Poem

aerial photo of houses and roads

Human beings

Are like houses

The letter h


In a mouth’s pronunciation

Skin in pigmented shades

Foundations in brick or stone

Stucco siding

The shells that form shapes

Pretty like the beach ones

Damaged like the turtle ones

A glamorous outside

Gorgeous and ornate

Like a Christmas tree ornament

Down the street

A destroyed outside

Run-down and abandoned

Like the location no one wants to travel

At night

A door with truth

Placed behind it

A doorbell with anticipation

Ringing within it

A doorknob with time

Dwindling around it

One threshold step

A single leg leap

Will the lights guide you

Through the halls

To and from rooms

Spacious with footstep echoes

Up and down the staircase

That twists with extravagence

Dripping from a chandelier

Or the tiniest circuit light

A soft glow in the corner

Pupils working overtime

Will the exterior

Complement the interior

Like their lobster and steak

From the night before

Or the lukewarm noodles

Cold-canned sauce

Inside and outside

Opposites for a reason

That sidewalk bush

That apple tree

That single yellow daisy

Or dandelion seed

Nature can’t always

Be beautiful

Green can’t always

Turn things emerald

Red can’t always

Turn things ruby

Yellow can’t always

Turn things gold

Human beings

Are like houses

The letter h


In a mouth’s pronunciation

Skin smooth

Silk, soft

With a scar and bump

Black, blue

A bulbous mark

Tissued and swollen

Stitches gone

But a mark still remains

Like blood on a white sheet

Red wine on a party dress

Perfect skin

Glowing and proud

Peacock praise

Nothing more attractive

Honey and coconut

An inside of broken bones

Shattered soul

Battered heart

Weak veins

Tired lungs

Spoiled blood

Like the food they still consume

A night of sickness

Better than a lost dollar

It is never nice

It is never great

Hiding on the inside

Pretending the outside is just as spectacular

Mansion style

Hiding on the outside

Pretending the inside is just as incredible

Castle style

Human beings

Are like houses

The letter h


In a mouth’s pronunciation

A big house

Is not always welcoming

Like the Upper East Side,

Beverly Hills,

or a Miami beach house

A small house

Is not always a one-story residence

From the front porch



Street corner

Up and over the hill

Assumptions and judgements

Do not accelerate

When the lights

Flicker green

They pause at all the places

In between


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