Style Your Life with Embroidery


Out of all the ways to describe myself; big dreamer, writer, reader, designer, photographer, blogger, art lover, color obsessor, music listener, YouTube watcher, soda drinker, and Starbucks consumer, I am happy to add ’embroiderer’ to the list.

It’s hard to pinpoint how I got into embroidery in the first place. Maybe it was my passion for the arts or maybe the millions of ideas I discover on Pinterest in a short period of time is to blame.

Regardless, a Pinterest board of embroidery patterns, templates, and tips was quickly made for later inspiration and reference. Then, a Christmas wish was made and granted after I received a gift of embroidery floss, hoops, fabric, needles, and my first template to mimic as I learned the many strokes and stitching.

As my embroidery adventures progress, I have become curious about the many images and pictures that can be embroidered. But even more than that, there are other surfaces and objects that can be embroidered beyond a simple cut of fabric. These objects are perfect if you are feeling more ambitious with your embroidery.

Have any old shirts?

Repurpose them and wear the style again. Brighten the shirt with colorful floss. Create geometric patterns by the collar or add some polk-a-dots to the sleeves. Start at the hem or in the middle! Just make sure the pattern matches your fashion style.


*image from YouTube

Have any denim summer shorts?

It isn’t summer without a classic pair of denim shorts. Take a faded pair or even your favorite and spruce them up with a summer pattern, such as flowers, a palm tree, or beach waves. Take advantage of pocket space, flaws within the denim, holes, stitches, hems, and other pant details.


*image from Pinterest

Have any sneakers?

The best thing about sneakers is that they come in many brands, styles, and colors. This makes it easy to find a pair that matches your personality and lifestyle. Even more, the surface offers prime opportunity to add embroidery in your step. White shoes are the best canvas, allowing contrast for colors to pop.


*image from The Etsy Blog

Have any bland tote bags?

People need bags. We rely on them more than we believe. From the grocery store, to hauling items to the beach, and more. Grab your dull tote and give it the makeover it deserves. Add the embroidery to the handles, front, back, and sides! Totes are handy and we should enjoy using them too!


*image from Pinterest

So, what do you think? Ready to start embroidering? Ready to revamp your wardrobe?

If so, good luck and I would love to see your creations. Head over to the contact page here: and share your project, embroidery advice, or questions. I am open to all and any comment!


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