Poetry Word Count: Does Size Matter?

Letters are really interesting when we think about them more in-depthly. Only 26 letters exist in the English alphabet, yet we can sort them in countless combinations to create words. Adding letters or removing them from a single word can alter the meaning. It is those words that are moved and shifted around to create… Continue reading Poetry Word Count: Does Size Matter?


A Glimpse Inside My Writing Process

Similar to a writer's content, their process in which brought them to the final draft varies too. I am not familiar with the process other writers and novelists take, so maybe this assumption is a long shot. Either way, I like to believe that my own process is different and the least bit unique. I… Continue reading A Glimpse Inside My Writing Process

First Person POV vs. Third Person POV

Point of view is important in a story and can't necessarily be avoided. The point of view can be told in a bunch of different ways, more than just first, second, and third person. Point of view can be told through an object or an idea. Something tangible or intangible, just like how "death" helped… Continue reading First Person POV vs. Third Person POV

Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

*Images from CLTure and The Fader I read the headline and my heart stopped. A surge electrocuted my body, hands shaking. It was an announcement I was ever expecting to read. It was shocking, devastating, totally unreal, yet harshly true. This breaking news story touched me. It affected me. And now I am breaking my… Continue reading Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

Nice Job, Nike

Since we were tiny tots with fat hands, chubby cheeks, curious minds, babbling mouths, and unstoppable feet, an older individual, or several, told us to shoot for the stars. They reminded us, to the point of worn-out words, to be true to who we are, do what we please, follow the path in which we… Continue reading Nice Job, Nike