To Begin Or To End, That Is The Question

I am posing a series of questions that I will explore in this Shakespeare titled blog. I just hope it is worthy enough and would be to Shakespeare's liking. First, is chapter length important? Second, how should a chapter begin? Third, how should it conclude? Fourth, how many cliffhangers are too much? As a reader,… Continue reading To Begin Or To End, That Is The Question


Inspirational Quotes We All Need To Hear & Live By

This blog is for you. This blog is dedicated to anyone who needs some inspiration, encouragement, and support. Here are some quotes to help get you through the day, the week, the month, the year, whatever it may be. *All quotes are from BrainyQuote I want to conclude this blog by saying, if you are… Continue reading Inspirational Quotes We All Need To Hear & Live By

The Meaning Of The Seasons

Each person on the planet has their own desires, favorites, and dislikes. We are aware of the elements we are most drawn to as well as what we enjoy the least. When it comes to the months and the seasons, why would it be any different? Many people enjoy the warmest times of the year,… Continue reading The Meaning Of The Seasons

20 Things I Learned After 20 Years

They say no two snowflakes are alike. Their icy, intricate designs are way too unique to be a triplet or twin. Similar to snowflakes are human beings. Our physical features create individualized appearances. No duplicates allowed. Our lives are structured paths of obstacles that formed our current beings. Ahead are more paths, streets, and highways… Continue reading 20 Things I Learned After 20 Years

What Frida Kahlo’s Art Teaches Us

Take a trip to an art museum in any city or town, and you will be sent through colorful mazes of paintings. The framed masterpieces are meant to be enjoyed and marveled upon. The iconic works hold a magical power to inspire and teach in metaphorical ways. But what is it exactly that our beloved… Continue reading What Frida Kahlo’s Art Teaches Us

73 Questions: Vogue Style

Clearly, I am not famous or Vogue-worthy in any way. But the Vogue YouTube series, 73 Questions is one I enjoy watching. It is a new take on interviewing celebrities by stepping inside their life and home for an intimate and energetic ten minutes. The 73 Questions series includes celebrities from a variety of industries,… Continue reading 73 Questions: Vogue Style

Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

October is here and Autumn is in full swing. Orange pumpkins, plump and pudgy, litter front porches. Witches, ghosts, and goblins become part of the in-crowd with candy consumed at an all time high; M&Ms, Kit-Kat's, Snickers, Almond Joy, all of our sweet favorites. Apple cider and hot chocolate are the preferred beverages to send… Continue reading Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

How I Deal With Anxiety

Birds. A temperature imbalance sends them flocking. Wings of shine, flapping strong. If the atmosphere turns too cold, mercury dipping low, they fleet south. The place where warmer land, seas, and skies thrive. The chilly weather, a condition in which many species of birds can't handle. It is too detrimental to their health and well-being.… Continue reading How I Deal With Anxiety