Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

halloween pumpkins

October is here and Autumn is in full swing.

Orange pumpkins, plump and pudgy, litter front porches. Witches, ghosts, and goblins become part of the in-crowd with candy consumed at an all time high; M&Ms, Kit-Kat’s, Snickers, Almond Joy, all of our sweet favorites. Apple cider and hot chocolate are the preferred beverages to send tastebuds in a fall-like frenzy. Boots are brought back with our most coziest sweaters, warm color-schemed fiber and stitching. The entire world glows in red, orange, yellow, filtered in speckled browns. The weather cools, the leaves vibrant, everything exists in bubbles of happiness. By night the sky smears in an intense black, the moon shining in something mysterious and mischievous as living room televisions flicker of spooky horror films.

Autumn is my favorite season and it’s also the season of my favorite movie genre. Whether you are a horror movie fanatic or someone who wants to dive into the genre a bit more, this blog is perfect for you.

I curated a list of some of my favorite movies from the Halloween season. If you are in dire need of recommendations, look no further! If you are feeling even more daring, some of these films feature a sequel or two!

Grab some popcorn or other Fall treat and settle in for the best, spookiest binge-watching session.

*All images from IMDb

The Conjuring

July 19, 2013 / 319.5 million box office


Based on a true story, a series of supernatural events unfold when a family moves into an old house. On the movie poster, take note to the hanging shadow on the fallen leaves.

The Witch

February 19, 2016 / 40.4 million box office

The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015)

Witchcraft is bound to happen when a family moves into the middle of the woods, secluding and isolation themselves from civilization. Nothing exists except for miles and miles of wilderness. This thriller is a unique one with some disappearing children along the way.

10 Cloverfield Lane

March 8, 2016 / 110.2 million box office

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

After an intense car crash, a girl wakes up in a bunker, managed by a man who tells her the world is under a chemical attack. This bunker, he claims, is the only way to stay alive. Terrified of this man, she knows she must attempt an escape.


April 11, 2014 / 44 million box office

Oculus (2013)

Many horror films include an evil house with a twisted evil spell. This time around, it’s a mirror with a hidden truth and a mind of its own.


October 12, 2012 / 87.8 million box office

Sinister (2012)

A crime writer finds himself in the midst of a thriller, a story he unravels from tapes he uncovers in the house him and his family moved into. Like the title suggests, things turn dark and sinister fast.

The Shining

May 23, 1980 / 44.4 million box office

The Shining (1980)

A hotel becomes the space of hopeful writer’s block cure for a father and the location of ghostly visions from his son. The hotel is not at all what it seems. Each hallway manages to exhibit something more eerie than the last.


April 1, 2011 / 97 million box office

Ty Simpkins in Insidious (2010)

The professionals must be called when a haunted home and evil entity enters a child. To save his family, a father must enter the power and awaken his son.


March 12, 2016 / Unknown box office

John Gallagher Jr., Kate Siegel, and Hush in Hush (2016)

A deaf writer finds herself in a nightmare when a killer breaks into her home. She must rely on her other senses and tactics to stay alive.


September 8, 2017 / 700.4 million box office

Bill Skarsgård and Jackson Robert Scott in It (2017)

A modern remake of the popular book and movie by the one and only, Stephen King. Clowns and balloons can be harmful after all.

Children Of The Corn

March 9, 1984 / 14.57 million box office

Children of the Corn (1984)

Another Stephen King thriller where children are not all sweet and innocent as we once thought, especially when sacrifice is involved.


October 5, 1978 / 70 million box office

Halloween (1978)

Halloween night already unleashes something spooky and mischievous. But when a murderer is on the run, things take a turn, especially when he is on the search for more victims.


December 20, 1996 / 173 million box office

Drew Barrymore in Scream (1996)

A masked villain knows his prey better than they know themselves, which comes in handy as his knife begins to slash.

The Human Centipede

April 30, 2010 / 252 thousand box office

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.39.09 PM.png

A movie symbolizing the epitome of true, inhumane torture. A Japanese surgeon creates a make-shift surgical space to satisfy his hatred of the human race and obsession of connecting humans together, creating a centipede formation.

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