20 Things I Learned After 20 Years

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They say no two snowflakes are alike. Their icy, intricate designs are way too unique to be a triplet or twin. Similar to snowflakes are human beings. Our physical features create individualized appearances. No duplicates allowed.

Our lives are structured paths of obstacles that formed our current beings. Ahead are more paths, streets, and highways for us to pick and navigate down. Future choices are nothing less than tree rings to our life.

I am 20 years old.

During my 20 years, nearly to be 21, I have experienced the unpredictable, the unexpected, and to many, the unknown. Through tribulations and triumphs, I have learned 20 things.

Here are the 20 things I learned after 20 years.

1. Do not waste time making people like you. 

2. Enjoy your own interests and do not feel the need to explain why you like something to others.

3. Always, always, always be thinking about the future, what you want to do, who you want to become.

4. You are not entitled, no one is.

5. Money has no correlation to someone’s worth.

6. Hold true to your character and never allow anyone to corrupt that.

7. Those who stress about being perfect in class and earning As are likely to make you feel bad about earning anything less. Never allow that energy to get inside of you.

8. Find what makes you confident and hold onto that.

9. If you want to do something, do it. Life is short and small doses of freedom are good for you.

10. Find something special in your life to focus on and allow that thing to bring you happiness.

11. Take pictures of everything. Many moments, from big and small, are worthy of being captured.

12. Talk to yourself every now and then. It’s healthy, I promise.

13. Be kind and genuine to people and not in a fake way. Be meaningful about it.

14. The more hobbies you have, the more productive, engaged with life, and satisfied you will be.

15. Proving things to people will not always be good enough. Just prove it to yourself.

16. Do not feel the need to tell someone everything that happens in your life and every choice you decide to make. Keep some secrets to yourself.

17. Do not allow someone’s complaining and bad review of something prevent you from that certain thing. You and them are two different people.

18. Being alone, walking alone, doing anything alone does not mean you have no friends. It is okay to be alone. Enjoy that time, embrace it. Don’t let that feeling of isolation stop you from doing something you truly want. It is okay not to always have someone next to you.

19. Social media favorites and likes do not correlate to your success, character, status, etc. Post what you like, enjoy it, be happy about it. Someone’s double tap will not dictate your life. How they act on social media and in real life will always be different.

20. Accept jobs and new opportunities. Do not turn them down because you are scared. Every job will make you feel that way until you do it. The older we get, the less fear can control us.

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