The Meaning Of The Seasons

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Each person on the planet has their own desires, favorites, and dislikes. We are aware of the elements we are most drawn to as well as what we enjoy the least. When it comes to the months and the seasons, why would it be any different?

Many people enjoy the warmest times of the year, when the sun is shining at its strongest and brightest, warming skin. Others thrive in the coldest of temperatures, just like a penguin or polar bear.

The seasons shift and change, just like people. It is almost like an endless loop or circuit. A nature and human connection that might represent more than what we initially believe.

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A word that sends shivers down spines as it occupies the months of December and January. Concluding and igniting beginnings and fresh starts. It is the season for screaming snowstorms and hollering ice storms.

We have grown up to learn that winter is the ultimate killer. Too much snow and negative degree mercury makes the Earth sad, the ground longing for yellow and green again. But blue and gray hues are here to stay.

People endure moments in their life that are dormant and still, like the space in the middle of a field. Slow moving and the least bit exciting. Our lives feel as if inspiration has been sucked dry and our goals are failing to progress. We are only half recognizing of the one shining thing in the distance, the pale sun. Light, yet still there. The one positive attribute to a sea of lesser waves.

That positive fragment can only become stronger, tugging tighter in full force.

full frame shot of snowflakes


The coolness of the planet shrivels as plants and flowers gain momentum. Stems turn strong again. It is simply all about buds and blooms. Color seeps back into grass blades and petals. The season offers something powerful and unstoppable to the world.

The long hours of near eternity budge at last. Like a vintage train down aged railroad tracks. A small push creates a monumental ripple that can shake and quake one thousand ponds. It is a reaction that sparks change. It kickstarts the initial beginning of something magical.

Our lives pick up again, excitement filling the cracks. Each goal is strived toward, footsteps made as we lessen the space between, piling it with progress and invisible checkmarks. Ground is covered, the inspiration thickens and appears to be never ending. The flow has been found. A waterfall of relief.

Our body, mind, and heart feels bold. We know we can do this. Achievement weaves through the air.

low angle photography of flowers


A season of debate. Of the most loved or the strongest despised. It’s the time of the year we long for, yet wish would pass by quickly once it arrives. Only a half-invitation and greeting, stitched with a goodbye and farewell.

Life comes in waves, sometimes knocking us hard and other times hardly making us lose balance. We enter mindsets like portals of not feeling good enough or worthy enough. We know we can shake ground and move mountains if we try hard enough. The motivation dangles in front of our faces, but reaching out with eager fingers can be challenging.

The heat and humidity is something we are all clearly aware of. However, we attempt to ignore it at the same time. We pretend it is cooler as we count the days rather than embracing them. But days must be fully lived rather than considered another blank space on the calendar.

But time is something that does not wait for us and will accelerate no matter how much we want it to or not. Time creates a roller coaster for people, as it takes us to new places with anticipated loops and unforeseen drops. Time isn’t something to play with and it isn’t something to wish different paces upon. Each day encountered means twenty-four hours of patience, improvement, and progress.

sky sunny clouds cloudy


Refreshing rays of bold, bright, and beautiful. It is the final string of hope and happiness, before we spin into a snow globe season. It is the high before the low. Almost as if our mood is linked to the leaves we admire in photos and paintings.

It is a comfortable time of year with cozy things surrounding us. The swapped season can be an inspiring one for many and the season of Fall can offer just that.

We must hold on to the things that give us happiness, motivation, and inspiration for as long as possible. Like summer days, we must embrace them. We must cling to them, paying attention to all of the necessities that they offer. We must take advantage of the fast-paced inspiration before it all turns dormant again.

autumn autumn colours autumn leaves beautiful

A nature and human connection that might represent more than what we initially believe. Our moods and emotions are just like the seasons. Inside, winter, spring, summer, and autumn coexist within us.

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