From Shopping Cart to Kitchen

What Thanksgiving dish made it onto your dining room table this year? Was it something new that stole the show? Or was this year simply traditional? For my family, it is always turkey and all the trimmings. Additional to the food-filled weekend, I baked a new dish of my own. One that my family has never prepared before, but was still a common dessert for … Continue reading From Shopping Cart to Kitchen

Synonym Switch

I have written about word choice before and the importance of its preciseness. Now again, I will be sharing the types of synonyms that are better and much more exciting. Because let’s face it, some words we are all tired of speaking, reading, and writing. Right now, there are many words that fall upon that category for me. Using a website found here, I selected … Continue reading Synonym Switch

My Favorite Harry Potter Quote

The first Harry Potter book was published back in 1997, the year I was born, and what ignited many people’s obsession with the mystical magic of a young boy. Quickly, Hogwarts became labeled as the best fantasy travel destination and Halloween costumes became exciting again. Wonders of house assortment and what pet you would purchase became common conversation topics. Me? I am a Hufflepuff and … Continue reading My Favorite Harry Potter Quote

How Truly Thankful Are We?

According to Merrian-Webster, the word “thankful” is an adjective (obviously), but it is described as to be well-pleased or glad. It is to be expressive of thanks or conscious of a benefit received. In other words, we are full of thanks. But are we only thankful during the days impending Thanksgiving? I become wary of the blogs and other publications that boast a list of … Continue reading How Truly Thankful Are We?

The American Dream & Butterfly Wings: A Poem

  Dreams. Our mind explores them at night. A never ending galaxy. And creates them during daylight. Butterfly wings. Every butterfly has them. Pattern unique with each wing pump and flutter. Our dreams are equally as original and must be delicately handled. The Earth. A blanket or quilt of stitched land. People dotting the ground like polk-a-dots. America. The American Dream. Martin Luther King Jr.’s … Continue reading The American Dream & Butterfly Wings: A Poem

Websites To Search Before Writing

Writing is a freeing activity, yet still requires a certain amount of research and planning before fingers touch keys or pencil touches paper. This blog post will not focus on the mundane and most anticipated research. Instead, it will feature websites to make the research and planning a lot more fun. Each of the links I am about to present to you are below, allowing … Continue reading Websites To Search Before Writing

Are Hamlet & King Lear The Best Shakespeare Plays?

William Shakespeare is a poetic, metaphoric, and rhythmic writer whose cleverness and talent is still celebrated and performed across stages today. Plays and sonnets also live on in classrooms, serving as middle school and high school English lessons and drama club inspiration. Surely, his most popular is likely show-stealing Romeo & Juliet. The deathly love story is considered an epitome of true love even though … Continue reading Are Hamlet & King Lear The Best Shakespeare Plays?