Why I Love Color


I love color.

Color matches my exuberant, bold style. I have always been drawn to bright things.

The pictures I draw and create are illustrated in a range of color. And when it comes to my writing, I like to incorporate varying hues to descriptive scenes.

While classified as an illusion, I feel as if color is more than just that. That the ties in which the shades have are stronger.

Color is real, color is important, and color must be appreciated. Here are all the reasons why I love color.


– Color Is Expressive –

Color surrounds us in our every setting of life, therefore feeling immensely real. Color clings to our bodies in various hues, styles, and patterns. The clothing we purchase and wear holds its own message in which we stand for. We rely on clothes to express who we are as people. Those of a more outgoing personality might enjoy wearing brighter colors, while those of a more quiet and shy personality might enjoy sporting less noticeable tones. Fashionistas are sure to wear the trends with athletes strutting in sporty attire. The clothing we select out of our closet for the day helps to express our emotion for the next twenty-four hours.


– Color Is Important –

Without color, life would be massively boring. Without color in design, it would also be extremely boring. Color offers so much in the design, advertising, and marketing world. Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily the design and layout of a billboard, poster, ad, flyer, etc, but it is the color that is used that truly captivates and packs a punch. A certain flashiness to modern design is to use more brighter colors. In the sense of gaining attention and racking in a profit, color is crucial. Color choice is a very strategic art.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.47.36 PM

– Color Is Representative –

Words are spectacular because they can reveal true feelings and emotions. But so can color. Color can represent a range of emotions, such as love and anger, through red. Blue to represent sadness, green to represent envy or jealousy, gold for wealth, white for something pure, and black for something mysterious. Almost every color resembles something, whether it is a human emotion, action, or idea. Some of the best metaphors, similes, and visualizations come from the use of color in classic literature. Just take The Great Gatsby for example. Its use of color in the text as well as symbolism through color makes the story quite spectacular.


– Color Is Meaningful –

While color can represent mood, it can also cause create links to positive causes and charities. Green can influence people to recycle and to donate and contribute to an environmental cause. Green is a shade that can encourage people for the greater good. Color has the power to bring out the best in people. The theory behind why organizations use such hues in their logos might surprise you. Environmental programs will use greens, golds, and browns to promote nature and encourage you to aid the space around you. Its encouraging shades make color meaningful.


– Color Is Worthy –

Whites, grays, and blacks get boring after a while. The more “fun” and “spunky” of colors are deserving of the spotlight too, just like magentas, aquas, seafoam greens, and more. Color should be appreciated and shouldn’t be ignored. Color should be admired just like how we admire sunsets, photographs, and flowers, which are all dashed in their own series of colors.

What is your favorite color?


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