Websites To Search Before Writing


Writing is a freeing activity, yet still requires a certain amount of research and planning before fingers touch keys or pencil touches paper. This blog post will not focus on the mundane and most anticipated research. Instead, it will feature websites to make the research and planning a lot more fun.

Each of the links I am about to present to you are below, allowing you easy access to each website. I hope you take the time to check each of them out and let them inspire your stories in a variety of ways.

Want a character to have a really unique job and not something common, like a teacher?

Indeed is one of the best job searching websites available for those seeking internships, freelance opportunities, as well as part-time and full-time work. The website can narrow down search results based on keywords and location.

Have a character living in the middle of Kansas? Seek current jobs available in Kansas. Maybe they can be a campaign coordinator or a transcriptionist. The unique job possibilities are endless on Indeed.

Want to describe the interior design of a character’s home?

Remax is one of the best realtor websites around. The website allows you to find any house, apartment, condo, etc, for sale all around the world, domestically and globally.

Using Remax can inspire the house in which your character will live in. It also gives you, as the writer, a way to better visualize and describe the home. The house can also inspire other characterization aspects too, such as wealth, job, size of family, etc.

Plus, researching houses is more fun than you might anticipate. It is kind of addicting, even when you aren’t actively searching to buy.

Want to describe the deliciousness of your character’s dinner plate?

Restaurants are fun to eat at and the pictures and content that fill their websites are just as mouth-watering and stomach-grumbling. Navigate onto your favorite restaurant’s website to explore the lingo commonly used to describe various meals.

Learn the language involved in describing meats, salads, desserts, drinks, and more. If you really want to immerse yourself in the experience, just skip the website surfing and attend your favorite restaurant.

Like the link suggests, you do not have to use Outback Steakhouse. You can pick an Italian location, a fast food joint, or even a local diner. You pick! It’s your food! It’s your story!

What websites will you visit today?

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