Synonym Switch

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I have written about word choice before and the importance of its preciseness. Now again, I will be sharing the types of synonyms that are better and much more exciting. Because let’s face it, some words we are all tired of speaking, reading, and writing. Right now, there are many words that fall upon that category for me.

Using a website found here, I selected words from their list of “3000 Most Common Words in English” and added them into this blog. Don’t worry though, I didn’t pick all 3,000 words. Instead, I picked one from each letter of the alphabet with the exception of X. For each word, I made recommendations of other words a writer may want to take advantage of.

Of course, using the thesaurus on is also a fabulous resource. I use it all of the time.

So, without further ado, let the list begin!

Again / Repeatedly – Additionally – Recurrently

Beautiful / Dazzling – Exquisite – Marvelous

Cold / Frigid – Glacial – Bleak

Different / Contrasting – Peculiar – Mismatched

End / Outcome – Result – Expiration

Fun / Lively – Amusing – Playful

Good / Satisfactory – Superior – Wonderful

Hot / Blazing – Sweltering – Torrid

Interesting / Alluring – Unusual – Fascinating

Journey / Expedition – Voyage – Quest

Keep / Sustain – Continue – Maintain

Long / Boundless – Limitless – Towering

More / Exceed – Conjunction – Surplus

New / Revived – Modern – Topical

Okay / Certify – Condone – Endorse

Perfect / Utopian – Splendid – Impeccable

Quiet / Hushed – Muffled – Muted

Remember / Memorized – Retained – Recollection

See / Observe – Inspect – Peep

Tell / Announce – Report – Proclaim

Up / Apex – Boost – Skyward

View / Vision – Seascape – Panorama

Way / Progression – Direction – Course

Yes / Undoubtedly – Affirmative – Certainly

Zone / Sector – Realm – Territory

Which words did you like most? Which words do you plan to incorporate into your writing?

If you have better synonyms to use for any of the listed words, comment them below! I would love to hear your list and gain new ideas for my poems, short stories, and longer novels as well!

Thanks for reading!


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