Creative Ways To Describe Christmas And Its Lights

Christmas lights make the month of December glow in nostalgic ways. It is the most luminous and beautiful 31 days of the year. Lights are a common scene to see as you drive down the street or walk through your neighborhood. As popular as holiday cheer and lights are this time of year, the ways in which writers describe such imagery might be more similar … Continue reading Creative Ways To Describe Christmas And Its Lights

Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards

We see green, just like the pines we place in living rooms. We see red too, just like the ornaments that decorate and the sweaters we wear to keep us warm. Silver and blue are sprinkled in from the nighttime and winter snow. Color plays a significant role during the Christmas season. Each color holds its own memories and can inspire festive color schemes that … Continue reading Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards

13 Writing Questions: Asked & Answered

Composed in this blog post are thirteen frequently asked questions in which I have been asked personally, have witnessed others ask, or have unveiled during research. Taking each question, I answered each one based off careful consideration and my own writing experiences. Frequently asked questions are common amongst many subjects. From cooking to clay sculpting, sewing, scrapbooking, and more. Even writing has its own list … Continue reading 13 Writing Questions: Asked & Answered

How To Improve Our Mondays

Imagine for a moment that it is Sunday. Sunday evening, to be more exact. The clock continues ticking and tocking from the nearest grandfather, cuckoo, or watch. Evening skies darken into night as our bodies slip into bed. The moon and stars are officially upon us as tired eyes shut, for what we hope will be, a restful slumber. But wait! Pause! Stop! Halt! Our … Continue reading How To Improve Our Mondays

Poems To Inspire Song Writing

Song writing and inspiration go hand in hand. The written word is one way that can influence song writing. Poems about love can inspire love songs, while poetry that yearns for something can create music that also features a sense of loss and wishing. In this blog, I will feature a variety of classic poems that are perfect for song writing. Let the words inspire! … Continue reading Poems To Inspire Song Writing

Is “Said” Truly Dead?

Students and writers alike have heard it before. Cue the hand movements and 100pt bold font quotation marks, because –  “Said is dead” Teachers and mentors have taught that “said” is overused and to avoid the speech tag at all costs. Later, a piece of paper is slipped in our direction that reveals an in-depth list of other speech tags to replace the dreaded and … Continue reading Is “Said” Truly Dead?