How To Improve Our Mondays

Imagine for a moment that it is Sunday. Sunday evening, to be more exact. The clock continues ticking and tocking from the nearest grandfather, cuckoo, or watch. Evening skies darken into night as our bodies slip into bed. The moon and stars are officially upon us as tired eyes shut, for what we hope will be, a restful slumber.

But wait! Pause! Stop! Halt!

Our minds turn clouded and crowded with multiple thoughts, racing deep into the next day. Next week. Next month? It is human nature for us to imagine the busy day and hectic week ahead of us.

Sadly, though, this human nature only causes stress to layer and starry hours to blur by, precious sleep seeming like a foreign concept.

Waste sleep no longer by improving the dreaded Monday in a few easy steps. Quite simply, it is all about planning and list-making. It is about taking a few moments to put yourself in the best position to successfully conquer the week, to finally reach Friday in the proudest way possible.

Step #1: Anticipate

This first step is all about thinking and entering your headspace.

Let’s strip the connotation that anticipating means something anxious. Instead, consider it as diving into the week before it arrives. Think about your schedule and the correct days in which those events are happening. Make your mind fully aware of what is most known, determined, and set-in-stone for the week. Also remember those certain events that are not quite linked to a certain day or time. Keep an open to mind to when and how you will add them to your schedule.

Step #2: Acquire

This second step is all about formulating a more solid and visual schedule.

Find a pencil. Better yet, find something more bold, more permanent. Track down a pen and begin organizing the mental schedule onto a piece of paper. Purchase a planner at your local store or just make a list day to day on any piece of blank or lined paper. Write down the order in which things need to be done. Check each item off one by one for an instant sense of relief and accomplishment. Double and triple check your list and refer to it often as you navigate through your week.

Step #3: Open

This step is all about nightly preparation.

Open doors. Open closet doors and refrigerator doors the night prior to each day in order to make mornings less stressful and bustling. Before going to bed, select your outfit for the next day as well as prepare your ingredients and breakfast meal. Knowing what you will wear and eat before the alarm rings, can create calmer mornings and less races against the clock. Another tip, pick out clothes that will make you feel most confident and unstoppable, giving you stylish motivation to tackle the week. Wear something that will make you feel happy.

Step #4: Focus

This step is all about knowing what you want, need to do, and sticking to it.

Keep your eyes on the prize and remain focused. Do not lose sight of your list, schedule, and what all needs to be completed. Keep crossing those items off your list and feel proud of each goal reached. Without focus, little will become finished. Find tactics to keep yourself most focused.

Step #5: Reward

This step is all about rewarding yourself for the small and large accomplishments.

Schedules and plans are great and a large part of life. Excitement and having fun are also a large aspect of life as well. Weave into the list small rewards at the end of the day or at the conclusion of the week. A reward can cause you to work faster, more efficiently, and more ambitiously. Allowing yourself to work toward that one exciting thing and allowing it to remain in your mind as a reminder to keep going, can help with the motivation factor mentioned in the previous step. Rewards are good and can differ each time. For example, it can be going to the movie theater, splurging on a new pair of shoes, going out to eat, or putting aside time for a hobby. The possibilities are endless.

Step #6: Repeat

This step is all about evaluating and progressing.

Pay attention to what worked this week and what did not. Keep track of both in order to improve and perfect your upcoming weeks. The only thing to do then, is to repeat all steps and approach each day one by one.

Which step was your favorite?

How will you improve your Mondays and other days of the week?

Share your tips and tactics in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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