2019 – NaNoWriMo Results

As November and NaNoWriMo passes, here are my daily results. This year, I am devoted to progress and really great writing. Instead of updating my word count and page count, I will be sharing my favorite sentence I wrote each day.

Friday, November 1: The July sunlight reflected upon it, making it shimmer and glitter as if the ocean was a thread she had wrapped around her finger.

Saturday, November 2: The moon was at its first quarter, all the clouds of the evening had dissolved, and the stars were beaming exquisitely amongst the dark velvet oasis.

Sunday, November 3: She slipped through the space, passing over the threshold and reentering the dark atmosphere.

Monday, November 4: Or even amidst a botanical island.

Tuesday, November 5: Sometimes it arrived, those moments of tranquility that were graceful and just sheerly unexpected.

Wednesday, November 6: The rain continued to fall, sidewalk cracks becoming creeks.

Thursday, November 7: The sunlight pouring through the window sent a two o’clock rectangular glint of warmth across the floor and her lap.

Friday, November 8: The organization of those letters, displayed in that recognizable fashion, always sparked a wave of splendor.

Saturday, November 9: Gloom embellished the pit of her stomach.

Sunday, November 10: A sense of newness would fill the air, as grass remained drenched in drops and flowerbeds still possessed a sort of tilted quality from the wind.

Monday, November 11: The red of the petals was a pungent crimson, a potent scarlet.

Tuesday, November 12: Minds possessed the capabilities to create a landscape so vast with sorrows that imprinted in canyons and caverns.

Wednesday, November 13: The traffic lights, green to yellow, and followed by red, flickered in front of her in a mockery, as if to initiate a painful pause, as the cars around her continued in their own directions.

Thursday, November 14: Fool’s gold was glued to her heart.

Friday, November 15: Frozen in her mind was the fueled wildness of it all.

Saturday, November 16:

Sunday, November 17:

Monday, November 18:

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Wednesday, November 20:

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Friday, November 22:

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Saturday, November 30: