Mistakes Are Maroon

Mistakes. They are not pitch black like the darkest midnight. They are not vivid in red, either, like the most kissable of lips. Instead, mistakes are maroon. A mixture and blend of both colors, stirring together to create one of the most finest shades. It is because the dimness of black and the royalness of… Continue reading Mistakes Are Maroon


Digital Gallery Walk: Where Lines Meet Color

This past December was my birthday. One of the gifts from my parents was a Wacom tablet where I was finally able to create an array of artwork that digitally displays on my laptop screen. Training and teaching myself about how to use the pad, I embarked on a fifteen day challenge where I created… Continue reading Digital Gallery Walk: Where Lines Meet Color

What Should I Name My Character?

Before I write the first word of my novel, I have to know the names, both first and last, of each character. At least of the immediate characters who will play the most prominent roles. It is almost as if my character is not fully developed and "born" without a name. Ask yourself, are you… Continue reading What Should I Name My Character?

Innovative Ways To Describe Eye and Hair Color

Brown, blue, and green are colors commonly used to describe the shade of one's eye. But in truth, eyes are more than just one of those solid shades. They are speckled or composed of a combination of color. The same goes for hair. In books, many times hair is strictly labeled as black, brown, blonde,… Continue reading Innovative Ways To Describe Eye and Hair Color

The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller

October has come and gone, but its spookiness lives and thrives in published stories and novels throughout the other eleven months. Ghosts and goblins are never afraid to present themselves in the middle of February or through the nights of June. Each story genre comes with its own set of rules, standards, and writing technique.… Continue reading The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller

Photography Prompts And Single Word Starters

You have read them before. I, too, have as well. Some of them truly are inspiring, while others are a bit lackluster. There are plenty of books and webpages with extensive lists of creative writing prompts to take advantage of during your next journal session. Get your pencils sharpened and keyboards dusted because here is… Continue reading Photography Prompts And Single Word Starters

Encouraging The Heart, Mind, and Pen Through Author Advice

When things turn rough it is human nature to face those who inspire us. Who empower us. We put our trust and faith in them to help lead and guide to something better and brighter. When the pages stop turning, the words end their dry trickle, we rely on the best of the best to… Continue reading Encouraging The Heart, Mind, and Pen Through Author Advice

A January Poem: The Letter A

Tiny handsClenching long, shiny polesReflections of smilesAnd victim ofBouncing soundsCotton candy tunesEcstatic volumesWiggling bottoms andPressing toesLike airplane anticipationAwaiting takeoffSpindle to a recordThe spinning beginsWeak twirls grow in magnitudeAnd multitudeHorses trotting lightlyBefore galloping and leapingLifting and droppingA merry-go-roundDanceA circuit patternYou never wantTo endBee-line wishesFrom dandelion to constellationThe aroma of amusementSweet tripsTo swirling worldsLike hoola-hoopsA ring is… Continue reading A January Poem: The Letter A

7 Exciting, Enjoyable, Non-Tiresome, & Totally Awesome Podcasts

It is almost time to leave, so you snatch your car keys, grab your phone, bag, and head out the door. You open the car door and climb inside. After turning the key in the ignition, do you adjust the radio knobs next? Or cue up your favorite podcast, just pressing play? Listening to music… Continue reading 7 Exciting, Enjoyable, Non-Tiresome, & Totally Awesome Podcasts

My Road Trip Playlist

Road trips are the perfect time for reflection. Reflection of one's life and to soak in the landscape as we speed down highways and race across new towns. Road trips also offer ample time to enjoy the music we like and is important in our lives. As a student, the time to embark on road… Continue reading My Road Trip Playlist