A January Poem: The Letter A


Tiny hands

Clenching long, shiny poles

Reflections of smiles

And victim of

Bouncing sounds

Cotton candy tunes

Ecstatic volumes

Wiggling bottoms and

Pressing toes

Like airplane anticipation

Awaiting takeoff

Spindle to a record

The spinning begins

Weak twirls grow in magnitude

And multitude

Horses trotting lightly

Before galloping and leaping

Lifting and dropping

A merry-go-round


A circuit pattern

You never want

To end

Bee-line wishes

From dandelion to constellation

The aroma of amusement

Sweet trips

To swirling worlds

Like hoola-hoops

A ring is what

The planet is made of

Something shiny

Flashing and dazzling

Like Christmas card glitter

Or a landscape of

Snowflakes and icicles

Absorbing gigantic doses of sunshine

Fresh and elegantly yellow

Brand new light

Each and every day

Friendly corners

Where newness lurks

Greeting cards sold

At the nearest stand

Heart sealed


Silent hellos

Before latching onto you


Tree ring

A mark of forever

Etched in eternity

Choice and chance

Cute like cirrus

Bold like cumulonimbus

Following in the bright


Of each dirt path

Paved street

Slim sidewalk

Spacious avenue

Highway to freeway


As prominent as

The neon sign

Flickering inside roadside shops

Unraveling and untouched

The unseen

The unimaginable

A treasure chest discovery

A swim between jewels

Finding truth

As real as sapphire

Blue just like


The leader of months

Like the letter A

Of the alphabet

A silk cloaked

Royal ruler

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