The Best Instagram Accounts Pt. 2

Writing Colorfully is back at it again! Nearly six months ago, I composed a post of some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Now, I am doing it all over again with accounts based around writing, art, photography, pets, and more. If you would like to read part one of this series, please click here:… Continue reading The Best Instagram Accounts Pt. 2


A George Orwell Inspired Essay: Why I Write

For the first assignment of my Creative Writing Form & Theory course, my professor instructed us to read an essay by George Orwell. Simply, the essay give insight onto the reasons Orwell writes and what ignites his urge to do so. The correlating assignment the class was instructed to do next was write a similar… Continue reading A George Orwell Inspired Essay: Why I Write

Ice Cream Cones & Pizza Crust: The Tangled Trouble With Food As A Type 1 Diabetic

Why do you read nutrition labels, if even at all? Are you a carbohydrate counter, a calorie tracker, an ingredient monitor? There are plenty of reasons to check the nutrition label of any grocery store product we purchase. For some, these labels help to calculate insulin dosages. That is, of course, if you are a… Continue reading Ice Cream Cones & Pizza Crust: The Tangled Trouble With Food As A Type 1 Diabetic

Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

One. The number that means more than nothing, but less than two, three, four, five... It is the number that changes meaning depending on its context. Many want more than one of their favorite thing. Two flowers is always more beautiful, two bars of Twix is always more sweeter, two hours of sleep is always… Continue reading Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

A February Poem: The Wandering Girl

The chestnut painted bunny Emerged from the jade And grass blade. Whiskers wiggling In a scurrying twitch And ears perked tall. Inner pinkish hue exposed Like the breathings of one's heart In a love letter Stamped and wax-sealed. To the left The brisk breeze Sent scarlet tossing. She pushed her finger To her lips A… Continue reading A February Poem: The Wandering Girl

14 Things I Love

Today is Valentine's Day. Accordingly, here is a list of fourteen things I absolutely love and adore. 1). Snow. I love watching the world blanket in snow as I stare out the window and enjoy a cozy day at home. For me, there is an excitement that arrives with each snowflake and howls in the most… Continue reading 14 Things I Love

Infographics To Read Before You Write Your Next Book

Infographics provide an excitement and "newness" factor that a paper and pencil list simply can't exceed. Today, I will be sharing with you a carefully crafted list of infographics that writers should make a priority to read before they outline and write their next book. These infographics do not consist of the typical tossed tricks… Continue reading Infographics To Read Before You Write Your Next Book

What Pablo Picasso Can Teach Us

Pablo Picasso was an influential and innovative artist, dabbling in painting, sculpting, print making, ceramics, and more. He was also no stranger to the pen as he was a poet and playwright. If we listen closely, we can hear the teachings of Picasso. They echo through his abundance of works and the words he once… Continue reading What Pablo Picasso Can Teach Us