Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

One. The number that means more than nothing, but less than two, three, four, five… It is the number that changes meaning depending on its context. Many want more than one of their favorite thing. Two flowers is always more beautiful, two bars of Twix is always more sweeter, two hours of sleep is always more plentiful, and two rings is always more shiny.

In these instances, we avoid or even try to overlook the number one. We view the space as not being nearly enough. Our minds trick us to think that it is not a worthy amount.

Or, is it?

Car racing, horse racing, sprints, and marathons. When it comes to these competitions, among others, we hold the number one, or the first place position, in high regard. In this instance, we want the racer in which we are rooting and cheering for, to win.

When it comes to charts and other lists, the item in the number one slot is favorited, praised, and easily recognized and identified. We pay attention to the number one in this case, because we allow the number one to mean something more. We consider it proof that, that particular item or thing is truly phenomenal.

Just take the music charts for example. Many tune in weekly to Billboard to see which song was most streamed and made it to the number one spot. When we see which song made it to number one, many times we catch onto the trend and begin streaming it just like the general population.

And when our favorite song makes it to number one, we feel proud to know that our favorite overcame the other 99 spots. We feel that makes us, as fans, have some type of association regarding the first position.

If we put so much pressure on the number one, why do we lose sight of that when it comes to our own lives?

In other words, when it comes to our individual stressors and worries, they tend to pile on heavily and thickly as we attempt to conquer each day. The stressors and worries sit on our mind and we try to deal with them all at once.

If we admire the number one so much, why do we not take all of our worries, line them up in a row, and deal with each of them as they come, conquering each of them at the appropriate times?

As humans, we all have our own personal idea of what is too much. When things become too much, our bodies shut down, figuratively though, and not literally. Thank goodness for that!

But when things become too much and we become monumentally more stressed of things to accomplish, we must learn to apply the number one.

Let’s not think about all that we will have to deal with a month from now, five months from now, and even a year from now. Let’s take ONE day at a time, handle ONE thing on the to-do list at a time, focus on ONE accomplishment at a time.

Let’s ignore the number two, three, four, five, six, and so on.

Let’s invite the number one into our lives more and in all aspects of our life, giving the number one more meaning and more purpose.

How will you apply the number one into your life?

Reply in the comment section below.

And as always, thank you for reading!

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