The Best Instagram Accounts Pt. 2

Writing Colorfully is back at it again! Nearly six months ago, I composed a post of some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Now, I am doing it all over again with accounts based around writing, art, photography, pets, and more.

If you would like to read part one of this series, please click here:

If you have an account that you would love to see featured in part three, whether your own or someone else’s, send me a message here:

As you become introduced to brand new accounts, please give each profile a follow! Trust me, they deserve it! Their work is awesome!

So, without further ado, please enjoy round two of this Instagram list!

*Accounts are not listed in any particular order!*

*Owners of accounts own rights to photos.*

Where Words Meet Paper

Makenzie Campbell / @2amthoughtsbook

Handwriting of pure aesthetic and torn paper with backgrounds of the world’s imagery, reminds us that words have the power to travel with us, following our every step and movement.

The Artful Hour

Embroidery By Humayrah

The outcomes are always gorgeous when a metalwork approach combines jeweled insects with traditional stitching. This profile gives a fresh outlook on the artistry of embroidery and mosaic.

Inside The Lens

Travis / @tterrell494

Each photograph showcases the pure magic and happiness that lives inside theme parks. Through sheer sharpness and captivating color, the images cause thumbs to pause and reminds us to enjoy the moment.

The Human Emotion

Dani DiPirro / @positivelypresent

Positivity presented in the prettiest ways possible. Original illustrations and inspirational phrases come together to remind everyone of all the right things.

It’s A Paws World

J U N I P E R & F I G / @juniperfoxx

Furry foxes are just as cute, fabulous, and famous as the puppies and kittens that try to steal the spotlight. These foxes are always picture-perfect prepared for any photoshoot.

Which Instagram account was your favorite?

Who will you follow next?

Thanks for reading!

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