What Would A Modern Version Of Friends Look Like?

Friends first aired in 1994. Since the ending of the show in 2004 it has not diminished in popularity. Viewers flock to Netflix to stream the episodes and catch up with the crew.

From first season, the characters are lovable and compliment each other. From Rachel’s charm to Phoebe’s eccentric-ness, and Monica’s energy, the girls share a perfectly fitting relationship with the goofiness of Ross, Chandler, and Joey.

After ten seasons, they really will be there for each other. *Cue theme song.

Upon continued success, what would happen if Friends was filmed in the modern day? What storylines would the show pursue? What qualities would the characters possess? In all, how similar or different would the show be?

Through the modern lens, let’s analyze!

#1: Chandler Bing Would Be Gay

Fans of the show had speculation early on in the first season about Chandler’s sexuality. Accurate and frequent portrayal of the LGBTQ community is common in new television shows of today. I think the modern version of Friends would allow Chandler to question and discover who he was in terms of his sexuality.

#2: Central Perk Would Still Be The Gathering Location

Coffee cafes are still a place that millennials enjoy going to. Drinking coffee certainly has not gone out of style either. With an update of interior design, Central Perk would continue to be the gang’s favorite place to hang-out, chat, and dine.

#3: Monica Would Be A Food Blogger

Monica chased her chef dreams in Friends. In a modern version, Monica would continue to devote her career path to food. This time, however, she would be a food blogger, preparing dishes, posting artsy images of them, and writing about the recipes and cooking process. Food blogs have a large online audience and who wouldn’t want to follow Monica the foodie? She’d be preparing lots of avocado toast, kale salads, quinoa meals, and more.

#4: Phoebe Would Love Astrology

Phoebe was a passionate person who whole heartedly believed in a variety of causes. For instance, she never wore fur or ate meat, besides the time when she was pregnant with triplets. Nowadays, a lot of people make a large part of their lives in which are dedicated to astrology and horoscopes. Social media profiles often include one’s sign. Many believe in the fate of the signs in formation of friendships and relationships. I’m a Sagittarius. What are you?

If Friends was filmed in today’s generation, which characteristics do you think the show would change?

What elements do you think would remain similar?

Thank you for reading!

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