20 Days Of Index Card A Day

It is easy for artists and lovers of childhood to recall the clatter of colored pencil piles, hands diving for a particular color, and the scratching of points against paper.

For this blog post, I grabbed a pack of colored pencils, white index cards, and cued up the Netflix original series, The Ranch.

Over the course of twenty days, I participated in Index Card A Day. Index Card A Day is a challenge within the art community to promote daily artistic creativity and idea generation. An index card is a small enough space for a quick sketch, yet still offers opportunity to draw something impressive.

Here are the colorful results of my twenty days of Index Card A Day.


The possibilities are always endless and colorful in this challenge. Many ideas and design inspiration can be found across Pinterest. It is a great space for artists to post and promote their work.

The best thing about Index Card A Day is that the challenge is endless. While I only participated for twenty days, you are free to take on something smaller or larger. And if you happen to skip a day, it’s not a tragic end of the world.

Have fun with it!

2 thoughts on “20 Days Of Index Card A Day

    1. Thank you very much, Justine. I had lots of fun creating them! I will definitely participate in this challenge again. Maybe I will go for thirty days next time! Thank you for clicking my post and reading!


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