Arizona Summer (Day 1 Of NaPoWriMo)

Sunset peaches

Eight spheres of canvas sky

Placed upon cold granite

A colder surface refused to exist.

Silver spoons, plastic measuring cups, and

Glass bowls.

The oven hot

Arizona summer

It was peach cobbler weather.

1/4 cup of sanded sugar

Packed tightly like wet beach

But there was no ocean around.

Another quarter of something sweet

White like the snow that never falls.

3 tablespoons of petals from saguaro blossoms

And flakes ground into

Chestnut colored powder.

Grand Canyon shades

Cinnamon, nutmeg.

1 teaspoon of sunshine substance

Tropical illusion, yellow sheets ablaze.

It baked

More than the month of mid-July

The atmosphere might as well have been

Wrapped in red


No buzzer to end the sweltering

No timer to ding

No door to initiate a humid escape.

The star churned cream

Always optional

Approximately 90 servings.

The carbohydrates and calories

Always ran high

Arizona summer.


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