Starry Conversations (Day 2 Of NaPoWriMo)

“All the people are awake tonight.”

Millions of hydrogen orbs glittering down.

“Those yellow lights look just like us.”

Tucked inside homes

Of windows aglow

Constellation rings of neighborhood cul-de-sacs.

“Do you think they will be outside all night?”

Ground dwellers slumped fireside

With marshmallow mouths.

A gleam, a beam

Of orange light

A reminder of existence from miles above.

Just a dot

Of flicker and flame

Crackling like snapping sticks.

“Do you think they can see us tonight?”

“I know they can.”

Heads tilted back

With intense neck creases

And eyes twinkling with allure.

Arms reaching, fingers pointing

But the stars didn’t mind.

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