Shoelaces (Day 5 Of NaPoWriMo)

She sidewalk stumbled

Red converse smacking together

Legs trembled

Heart raced.

The memory of childhood cement scrapes

Across once polished knees

Traced her mind.

The scratch, the scab

The sticky band-aid.

Her body straightened

Poised back into position

Skeleton sturdy

Like the oak on the corner

Or the blue mailbox, red flag raised

Even the street post

Or road sign just beside.

White shoe laces

Grabbed, crossed tightly.

She learned to tie

Before the age of five.

Red converse

Skipped brightly against

White sidewalks

Swept and broomed

In early morning.

Laces tied

Locked into ribbon position

Wonky shoestring

Yet to unravel.

Unlike the garden hose

Spilling into driveway and walk

Raindrop trickle

Passing the white picket.

She stepped over it.

Falters and wavers

Could not be blamed

On shoelaces.

She knew better than that.

The panicked

Racing heart of the

Almost fall-downs.

It wasn’t them

It was him.

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