Valentine (Day 20 Of NaPoWriMo)

King and queen

Color scheme

Read heart, diamond, and ace.

Stamped, permanent

A wax seal on a

Vintage envelope

Licked and tucked tight

A forever truth.

Valentine sublime

In a patch of pink

Or field of berry

A pomegranate stream

Trickling past

In wind chime sheet music.

Passion, like that of a fruit,


Scales staggered in fiery vibrance.

Hugs warm as painted monarch wings

Kisses glittering like dragonfly flight

Seen in the stars and moonlight.

Will you be my valentine?

One that whispers through the


Or shakes the tambourine,

Plucks harp string,

And taps the triangle

In earthquake aftershocks?

Will you hide me

In the cloudy forecast

Or expose me in the sunshine beams

And beneath rainbows?

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