Internal Seasonal (Day 22 Of NaPoWriMo)

Mother Nature

Bleeds inside of me

Veins like rivers.

I match the Earth’s axis

And transition with the seasons.

My heart has broken

Like sharp winter winds

Sweeping in blues and grays,

Curving and rounding

The hills.

A paintbrush world

Of eskimo eye color.

Humid lily

In spring

Beneath bliss orange skies

Like a million sidewalk lamps.

A golden tattoo

Of paradise.

But the pain was brutally appealing.

Sunburn of the gentlest kind

The happiest type.

Hands and sand

A shared thousand degrees.

My love had once burned for you.

The memory of it

Could lit up a thunderstorm night,

A backyard of forest and wood.

Now, love is

The stars of above

Yellow, amber, saffron ivory

In the sky and clinging to


Falling, gliding, shooting

Like fireworks

In the crisp air of


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