How Should Text Messages Be Written In Books?

How can we write timeless stories? How can we create stories people want to read over and over again that never seem to go out of style? One of my favorite authors, Sarah Dessen, strives for timeless stories by excluding modern inventions and technological advances from storyline. Other than her most recent addition of text… Continue reading How Should Text Messages Be Written In Books?


How To Write From The Male Perspective

Perspective is a bizarre thing. Its range and context shifts from one pair of eyes to the next. With eyes like cameras, we capture and digest the images that flash and dash in front of us. The balance of light and shadows develop in our mind and remain with us forever. It is a human… Continue reading How To Write From The Male Perspective

What Should The Setting Of Your Story Be?

One of the perfect settings for a summer romance is the beach. The sand, ocean waves, and sunscreen scent is a landscape that marvels in the months of June, July, and August. A lot of possibility lives on the coast. It hides itself inside of curled seashells and dances in the jet stream wind of… Continue reading What Should The Setting Of Your Story Be?

5 Mornings Of Overnight Oats: A Full-Stomach Review

In the age of fast paced lives and an encouraging emphasis on productivity, people are often seeking ways to make their lives easier and simpler. From the moment our alarm clocks ring in the morning, our brains are functioning again and organizing the day's to-do list. With the number of things we must accomplish through… Continue reading 5 Mornings Of Overnight Oats: A Full-Stomach Review

7 Poems That Will Have You Dreaming Of Summer

Summer smells like morning air and sunscreen. Summer looks like bright days and even brighter nights. Summer feels like freedom. Summer sounds like beach waves and campfire crackles. Summer tastes like ice cream and fresh fruit. April not only delivers the rain showers that bring May flowers, but it can also come with soft, subtle… Continue reading 7 Poems That Will Have You Dreaming Of Summer

A May Poem: Voyage

Chopped cliffs &Glowworm caveTo your rightLike a guided museum tourThe sights wereTraumatically amusing. The sun had abandoned usFor much smallerDiscs and orbsTiny lanterns, many milesAwayThe light was plentifulYet, not enough. The moon hadDistanced itself from usShrinking intoA sliver, a shredAlmond and coconut. The fog rolledThe mist kissedThe clouds consumedAs if the lashing sea,Swaying wavesCeased to… Continue reading A May Poem: Voyage

The Proof Is In The Pudding: The Best Data Driven Narratives

We are human first and data second. No matter where we travel, we represent a statistic that changes within the roles we play. Inside the homes we live, we represent a statistic that symbolizes occupancy. At the workplace, we are one of many that supports a department. At the airport or in line for a… Continue reading The Proof Is In The Pudding: The Best Data Driven Narratives

The Most Thrilling & Exciting Literary Journalism Reads

History reveals to us, with the invention of the first telephone, typewriter, computer, and internet discovery, that information and the transport of essential data is the basis of our world. With the sizzle of technology and innovative growth, we strive for more ways to become informed and remain so. The notifications that pop onto phone… Continue reading The Most Thrilling & Exciting Literary Journalism Reads

A Guide On Creating Your Own Website

There is likely to be an infinite number of reasons to build a website. You might want to brand yourself as a freelancer, post your content publicly, advertise your business, and so on. Crafting a website that showcases and resembles who you are in the best and most professional of light is important. We are… Continue reading A Guide On Creating Your Own Website

The Best Restaurants, Snacks, & Drinks At Universal Studios

This past December, I had the chance to escape the cold, snow, and icy climate of Pennsylvania. I traveled many miles to Florida's warmth and sunshine-filled days. Over the holiday season, my family and I spent a week in Orlando, Florida. There, we enjoyed the roller coasters, food, souvenir searching, and interacting with the characters… Continue reading The Best Restaurants, Snacks, & Drinks At Universal Studios