The Proof Is In The Pudding: The Best Data Driven Narratives

We are human first and data second. No matter where we travel, we represent a statistic that changes within the roles we play.

Inside the homes we live, we represent a statistic that symbolizes occupancy. At the workplace, we are one of many that supports a department. At the airport or in line for a movie or roller coaster, we are numbers that fill a seat.

When it comes to the numbers and statistics in pop culture, sports, entertainment, and more, the data seems to be larger. It is displayed with appeal and affords interaction.

The Pudding, an online platform, records and organizes data of the stories we care about most without realizing it initially.

Here is a list of some of the best data driven stories The Pudding has prepared and published.

30 Years Of American Anxieties

1). Dear Abby is the world’s longest running advice columnist. This data set organizes her categories of expertise, from sex-related problems, LGBTQ concerns, religion issues, and more. Users are able to read the letters sent to Dear Abby and recognize the fluctuation of topic popularity as the years progress.


A Visual History Of Every Air Jordan

1). Air Jordans are popular shoes that elicits excitement when a new style is announced and placed on store shelves. This data set takes the audience member across a trip through time, from the first Air Jordan to the most recent. The evolution of this brand is captured and showcases enticing style.


The Celebrity Billboard Project

1). Celebrities seem to always steal the show! This data set focuses on the 365 days that made 2018. During each day of the year, a user is able to select a particular day and see which celebrities and pop culture topics splashed across social media and tabloid headlines. From the scandals of Logan Paul to the divorce of Jenna and Channing, Demi Lovato, Mac Miller, and more. See what happened on any day of the year with this data set.


Rappers, Sorted By The Size Of Their Vocabulary

1). Rap is lyric-based and is known to focus on clever word choice. This data set takes some of the largest names in rap and hip-hop, both seasoned and new, and organizes them onto a visual chart based on their unique vocabulary. The user is able to pinpoint which rappers are most clever with language.



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