A May Poem: Voyage

Chopped cliffs &
Glowworm cave
To your right
Like a guided museum tour
The sights were
Traumatically amusing.

The sun had abandoned us
For much smaller
Discs and orbs
Tiny lanterns, many miles
The light was plentiful
Yet, not enough.

The moon had
Distanced itself from us
Shrinking into
A sliver, a shred
Almond and coconut.

The fog rolled
The mist kissed
The clouds consumed
As if the lashing sea,
Swaying waves
Ceased to exist,
Oh! But it did

Surged and billowed
Waves lashed in a
Windy, wicked frenzy
Looping and lapping in
Something sinister,
Darkly deranged
This night was a mystery

The boat rocked
Our hands touched
The paddles nearly
Our shoelaces drenched
Of water spills.

This night was a
Thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane
Wrapped and spinning
As one
This black abyss would not
Brighten with an Eastern

This voyage was a risk
Something devilishly unexplainable
Yet, a choice we had made
Established in our brains and
To turn around never did exist.

A waterfall up ahead
This is life.

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