The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

At Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida, there are many hidden gems and photo-worthy scenes that are too good to pass up. From this silly sculpture outside the pet store (above) to all of the store fronts. The scenes and imagery inside the store fronts at Harry Potter World are artful and full of magical … Continue reading The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

The Best TedTalks All Writers Must Watch

I first started watching TedTalks when my high school teachers began introducing them as classroom material. They accompanied lessons that took place inside my English classes and psychology courses. Each TedTalk speech added a fascinating perspective to that day's classroom lesson. TedTalk tosses boring videos and discussion topics out the window. TedTalk presents conversations worth … Continue reading The Best TedTalks All Writers Must Watch

A June Poem: Beneath The Pier

We huddledBeneath the pierLike pretzels.Washed denim speckled with sandLike salted dough. We huddledBeneath the pierHis hair orangeMy heart red.Like the tangerine and cherrySherbet sky. We huddledBeneath the pierWhite pearl seashells,Small like nailsKissed and nippedOur toes. We huddledBeneath the pierBright umbrella topsPlastic pails and shovels andTowels sprawled.Chairs uprightJust like the two of us. We huddledBeneath the […]