An Appreciation Of Sunsets

Sunsets smear across the sky. These melted crayon boxes ripple and shatter through the only true blue. She will always return by next morning.

Eyes have marveled at the vivid horizons and cameras by the millions have flashed across the sight, as famous as a landmark.

Sunsets conclude the day, a flashy hello and a shimmering goodbye enfolded all in one.

These twinkling twilights maintain the magnetic power to make the world of rotating billions to pause with praise. To stop with solitude. And enjoy the rhythmic sky that stretches in front of them.

A sunset tops off a night, concludes it with beauty, just like sprinkles would to an ice cream bowl. Or marshmallows to a campfire. And a kiss at the end of a romantic novel.

Perched and stitched inside the magnificence of sunsets, is an important teaching and reminder than can restore the light we need in our life and aid in peace of self and mind.

Each day is composed of twenty four hours. For more or less, we are awake for twelve of those and asleep for the remaining dozen. Though, our personal routines and daily to-dos cause our patterns of life and slumber to shift with each day.

Some days are lottery ticket happy. Everything feels right and perfectly aligned, as if this day, in particular, has your name emblazoned across it, over and over and over again. The day feels utterly devoted to you, the most epic of gifts.

Some days are wilted flower somber. Everything feels sad and it all appears to be unworthy. This day seems to be like your worst one yet, where everything tumbles quickly and falls fast. The swift downward-like movements barrel upon you, the light dwindling exponentially. Unlike the opposite, this is the most tragic of presents.

Sunsets come and go. They return and erase. They appear then vanish. Glow then extinguish.

Their arrival is always invited, the greeting extended. The offering of visitation remains constant. A sunset’s sparkle is like a train schedule, no matter what, it will come. On a good day or a bad day, the sunset will jet across the canvas that looms.

The light, the bright, the boldness, the burst of brilliance and magnificence, is a reminder. A gentle thought, a memorable lesson, an everlasting teaching. These intense swaths of color remind that the end is always worth it.

The end of a day, a congratulations of surviving, of moving onto the next moment in time.

In books, the end is often the best part, seeing and understanding the happy part where everything makes sense again and is the way it should be.

Sunsets act as a congratulations, a treat to celebrate the conclusion of the day.

Staring deep into the sunset, tracing the clouds and studying the blend of color and mix of atmosphere, can cause everything to slow. To nearly halt to a stop and simply just be. But nothing in life ever slows. But the feeling as if it truly has still exists.

The segments of life of allowing your body and mind to drift upward toward a sunset can make your worries float away, spiraling in the opposite direction. We often need those fragments of time where we can be still and forget, especially when the days are dark and challenging to tackle and conquer.

The sky, too, has days where its mood is violent and depressed, whether thick with clouds, full of rain, or packed with the fixings of lighting and thunder.

But a rainbow later shines and a sunset will appear, as if by magic. As if the sky, cloud, and sun have wands of their own.

This relates to people.

This relates to the hardest of days, the most tired of eyes, the most exhausted of minds.

Many hours must pass in order to find the light. Many hours must pass in order to heal and feel okay again. Many hours must pass until things feel aligned and truly golden. Many hours must pass until your worries and anxieties travel on a route opposite of yours. Many hours must pass until the darkness becomes zipped up, tossed away, and forgotten.

All of these hours must pass before something truly amazing, inspiring, and full of light is witnessed and experienced.

Like that of a sunset.

We must endure many hours of the day before we reach the point of solitude as we sit beneath the sunset of today.

We must appreciate sunsets. They give us what we want. They remind us of what we need and what is coming for us in the future.

Just search through and around the bends of color and you will find the truth of each sunset.

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