The Best Fortune Cookies I Have Received

The words that rest inside fortune cookies, many believe, are truthful and help us to recognize something new. A prediction, a realization to leading a better life and possibly following a particular truth or calling.

I do believe the power of a fortune cookie and believe that with each one that comes into my life, it represents something important. I also like to keep each fortune, sort through them every now and again, and give them a read. This was something I started while in college.

I admit, I have some favorite fortunes, and still wonder what others are supposed to mean, and how they exactly relate to my own life. However, I do think that they will all become clear one day.

Here are some of the fortunes that mean the most to me and have come into my life at, what I insist, to be fate.

“The strangest, most generous, and proudest of all virtues is true courage.”

We all need courage and confidence in our life. When we run low on one of these things or both, it can cause us to be afraid to do the simplest and smallest of tasks. It is important to conjure up as much courage as possible when facing something that intimidates us. We must attempt to keep courage close by us and befriend the element. This fortune alone is strong enough to transport courage. Accept the courage the fortune releases and apply it to the next challenge and obstacle you face. The best thing about courage is that it can be recycled and reapplied to any and all situations.

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

When our eyes shut for the night, we eventually drift into dreamland, where sometimes they are sweet and other times they are not so. When we are not sleeping, we are awake and in that awakeness, dreaming can still occur. In order to pursue those dreams and accomplish them, they must be worked toward. As we work toward them and eventually achieve that dream, it will transition into a reality and not just a thought within our mind. We must experience our dreams in our real life or else they are not true.

“Always accept yourself the way you are.”

Everyone is so different from one another, that it can sometimes seem that your own opinions, personality, and interests vary so much in which you second-guess the things you enjoy. This fortune cookie is a proper reminder to stop the wondering and to just be you in six small words.

“Opportunities surround you if you know where to look.”

I always like to remind myself that I am only one choice away from a completely different life. While wild to think about, it is very true. Each decision we make changes the path of our day and trajectory of our life. For better or for worse. Because of this, it is essential that we choose wisely. In addition to that statement, we must keep our eyes alert for chances and opportunities that will lead us somewhere spectacular. Opportunities are placed around us purposefully, we just have to pay attention and jump at the right moments in order to capture them.

“Your life will be happy and peaceful.”

When I read this fortune, I felt warm inside. It is a really nice assurance to receive that you will have a happy and peaceful life. After I read it and began to ponder, I had to accept a few other facts of life. This includes that there will still be moments where the tears come and hearts break. There will still be times that seem inescapable. There will still be times where shoulders may stress and backs may ache. But the happiness and peacefulness will return twice as strong. Nothing ever has to erase happiness and peacefulness.

“Pessimism never won any battle.”

Approaching a situation with a lot of anxiousness or negativity isn’t healthy or helpful, even though we believe it to be in the moment. Ignore the pessimism that seems to loom above you. Dispel of it the best that you can. Those negative thoughts will only taunt you to the very end. The negative thoughts are only fiction and fantasy, they almost never come true and things are never as bad as we imagine them to be. Remove pessimism from your mind and vocabulary. Pessimism is not worth the time and like this fortune reveals, it never wins any battle or war.


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