A List Of Things To Embroider

A couple Decembers ago, I received my first embroidery kit. I stitched for many hours on end until the piece finally became finished. I framed it and placed it in my bedroom.

Then, I was excited to venture off in another embroidery direction by completing a free hand piece. This one also took a while to complete and I was happy to see the piece of art in full.

Having completed two embroidery patterns, future templates begin to fill my mind of scenes I wanted to create in the future. For all other embroiderers in the world, I decided to dump this list here.

Things to Stitch

  1. Red barn in a wheat field
  2. Hidden fish in a coral reef
  3. Outer space
  4. Wild sunset over an ocean
  5. Still life resembled through a bowl of fruit
  6. Flowers
  7. Leaves and hidden insects
  8. Beehive, bumblebees, and dripping honey
  9. Ice cream sundae
  10. Hummingbird
  11. A hot air balloon floating through clouds
  12. The Hollywood Sign
  13. Butterfly
  14. Jellyfish
  15. A mandala
  16. Four trees resembling the four seasons
  17. Cupcake
  18. Mug of coffee or tea
  19. The color wheel
  20. Your favorite landmark

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