What It Is Like To Live With Synesthesia

I have synesthesia. This condition is not a disease, but rather a phenomenon in which gives me another sense to interact with the world around me. I have always been in tune with my surroundings, feelings, and emotions. With synesthesia, this stimulation causes my relationship with colors, words, numbers, and more to strengthen.

There are numerous versions of synesthesia. One of the most common, grapheme-color synesthesia, enables an individual to associate or see color within numbers, letters, and words. This is just one of the types of synesthesia that I have.

This chart below is an example of the colors I see in regard to a handful of numbers, letters, and words.

As an English student, there are many words that appeal to me and I consider to be beautiful. There is another level of beauty within letters and words based on the color or colors the elements shine within.

As someone who has never excelled in mathematics, I find comfort in that a number will always be consistent in color.

When it comes to the studies within grapheme-color synesthesia, trends are noticed in which suggests certain elements are visualized in the same color amongst the majority. For example, the letter A is red and trumpet is orange. While this holds true for me, there are some trends that do not support my own visualizations. The letter B is also known to be of red hue, but I see more orange in B.

A second version of synesthesia is number form. Number form enables an individual to see numbers in a particular pattern. I see numbers to be placed in a loopy, wavy pattern. The graphic below shows this particular pattern.

The third type of synesthesia I have is lexical-gustatory synesthesia. This form is one of the most interesting and sparks flavor in regard to sounds or words. While I do not associate flavors with sounds, I do taste when it comes to words.

Interestingly, not every word has a flavor and some tastes are not very strong. The graphic below illustrates it all.

Synesthesia is one of the most amazing things in the world and is one of the most awesome things about me. Luckily, synesthetes are never alone. There are many famous people, from singers to artists, in which also live with the condition. It is linked that those who are extremely creative are most likely to have synesthesia.

Vincent Van Gogh, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Marilyn Monroe, Billy Joel, Duke Ellington, Franz Liszt, Stevie Wonder, and more are known to have a form of synesthesia.

One of the ways synesthesia impacts my hobby of the written word, is that I will attempt to write sections of a poem that either glow in the same types of color and provoke a similar feeling to me (and hopefully you.) I write scenes with a lot of vibrance, pairing words with contrasting shades together. This impact of color enhances my relationship to the written word and the poem or story at hand.

When it comes to naming characters, I will select names that are of similar color. This causes me to visualize my characters stronger. This form of selection makes sense to me, but is difficult to explain to others.

Synesthesia is something someone is born with, however, synesthesia meditation is known for enhancing one’s senses in order to possibly develop a synesthetic form. For more information, this website explains it all: synesthesia.com

For more general information about synesthesia, click here.


3 thoughts on “What It Is Like To Live With Synesthesia”

  1. Omg you’re the first person I know who’s talked about their synesthesia on their blog! I have it too!! 🤪
    It’s really cool to find out about how other people’s synesthesia is, the colors in the numbers and letters make no sense to me obviously, so it’s really cool to find out about other people’s minds! 😝
    And omg yeah, it’s really cool knowing celebs have synesthesia!
    I loved this post!!! 🦄🦄

    Liked by 1 person

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