The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

At Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida, there are many hidden gems and photo-worthy scenes that are too good to pass up. From this silly sculpture outside the pet store (above) to all of the store fronts.

The scenes and imagery inside the store fronts at Harry Potter World are artful and full of magical things. I made it a goal to snap a photo of each of the store fronts. Below, many of them are displayed for you to see, as well as some special notes and facts.

Harry Potter World has an assortment of wand-interactive store fronts, along with ones just for admiring.

This store front was taken inside a butterbeer shop. Mugs of butterbeer can be seen stacked inside with other necessary preparation machines.
Various flavors of ice cream spin inside this store front. The twirling cones make this ice cream shop seem extra sweet!
Right outside the candy store, of chocolate frogs, every flavor beans, lemon drops, and more, this front showcases a popular Potter treat. And no, the beans are not actual size!
A dress Hermione wore in the film. This pink ruffled ensemble can be found alongside a tape measure coiled to resemble a cat.
With an interactive wand, you can make this snowman dance across the cake! The wallpaper, cakes, and teacups makes this store front colorful!
Some delicious looking vegetables. Imagine all the cottage pies these vegetables could make!
A Firebolt broom to help Quidditch players zoom across the field.
This store front is another interactive window. Swoop, swish, and flick, and you can make these ballerina trolls dance!
This store front is located at the pet store and is another interactive window. These pets are not your traditional species!
Can you make all of these eyes open? A store front located beside Gringotts, the movement of these eyes can easily follow you.
Like the stickers on this store front suggests, there are many sweets and treats available inside the candy shop. These lollipops are sure to capture the attention of your eyes and sweet tooth.
Lots of growth and greenery available in this store front. Bottles of medicine can be seen filled with colorful liquids on the top and bottom of the display.
What time is it? These ticking clocks can surely help!
Are fireworks within the wizarding world just as loud as fireworks in the muggle world?
Skyscrapers seem to touch the sky in this metropolitan display.
Would you dare to eat a fresh eel from this market? Take a look at these slithering eats!
The Monster Book of Monsters can be seen here. All books may seem pleasant, but be careful because this one comes with a ferocious bite!
Knitting can be seen at this store front.

2 thoughts on “The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

    1. Thank you! You are going at a great time, especially with Hagrid’s brand new ride. My favorite part is the Forbidden Journey ride, located inside Hogwarts Castle. I hope you have an awesome time!


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