Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

If you have not yet heard, July is National Ice Cream Month. With a dessert as delicious as this one, it surely deserves 31 days dedicated to it. If you are like me, you can eat ice cream no matter the weather or season. But munching on this treat is even better when the sun shines at its brightest and harshest.

Today, I will be sharing many ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Month throughout July.

Visit your local ice cream shops.

Did you know, there are over 80,000 ice cream shops in the world? How crazy! This means that there are plenty of local locations for you to enjoy. Visiting your local creameries is a great way to support small businesses, as well as try some new flavors. Many shops have nice and welcoming interiors to sit and enjoy.

Make homemade batches.

To enjoy ice cream, you do not always have to leave the house or purchase from grocery store freezers. You can make your own ice cream versions from your kitchen. Cook books and Pinterest are great resources to pick which recipes you want to use. Many recipes are adjustable for gluten or vegan diets! Who knew ice cream could be so customizable!

Learn the history.

Everything has a history, including this sweet treat. For example, did you know ice cream used to be called Iced Cream and Cream Ice? Or that ice cream was influenced by the enjoyment of snow mixed with flavoring? This July, catch up on the history of ice cream. You will surely learn a few things!


International Dairy Food Association

Visit the Ice Cream Museum.

Located in California is the Museum of Ice Cream, an imaginative atmosphere with a pool of sprinkles. Fun and colorful, this museum has become a popular location to visit and dine while visiting the west coast. It just might have gained more attention than the Hollywood sign or Walk of Fame.

Turn ice cream into art.

If you are an artist, draw, paint, or illustrate a bowl of ice cream, a cone stacked high, or even a sundae in your style. Frame it, share it on Instagram, or both!

Support a blog.

There really are blogs about anything in the world! Find a blog devoted to ice cream and become its latest follower and reader.

Purchase merchandise.

Ice cream is for more than just eating. Ice cream has become an icon in decor. Purchase ice cream inspired merchandise from some popular stores. Just like this ice cream neon light from Forever 21, or a customizable ice cream bowl at Personal Creations.

Try new brands and flavors.

No matter your tastebuds and love for ice cream, there is, without a doubt, some flavors that are not the best. But for some, you can’t knock it until you try it. So do just that! Try some new ice cream flavors, you never know what you will come across.

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