Ways To Celebrate National Blueberry Month

July flickers in fireflies and glows in fireworks. July is also known for sizzling barbecues. National Ice Cream Month also takes place this month, along with National Blueberry Month.

Two days ago, I shared a list of fun ways to celebrate ice cream. Now, I am sharing ways to celebrate blueberries throughout the month of July.

Visit a blueberry patch.

Visiting a blueberry patch is a great way to understand the growing process for blueberries. At a patch, you can also pick a basket of your own to eat at your leisure or incorporate into your next recipes.

Cook with blueberries.

Blueberries are easy to cook with and in many instances, can quickly be added as a topping to ice cream, salads, and more. Rich greens and blueberries are a perfect complement of flavor.

Bake with blueberries.

Add blueberries to your next loaf of homemade bread, muffins, cakes, and more. Perhaps make blueberry icing for cupcakes. Besides flavor, blueberries also offer a nice burst of color.

Plant your own bush.

The season might not synch perfectly with beginning the planting process for blueberries, but trying to grow a few berries certainly wouldn’t hurt. Learning about the process can give you a jump-start come next spring.

Write a poem.

For the writers and poets, writing a poem about blueberries can be a fun summer prompt. You can write about the flavor, color, or what these berries mean to you.

Illustrate a blueberry bunch.

If you are an artist, sketch, draw, paint, or illustrate blueberries in your own style. Frame it, share on Instagram, or both!

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