Hire Your Character For These Job Positions Today

Before people apply for a job, they often think long and hard about how this job will impact them positively, what can be offered, and what will be learned. When considering job placement for your book characters, is the hiring process done hastily or skillfully?

Pursuing a new job can be intimidating, but landing an interesting job can capture a lot of attention and wonder. The type of job an individual strives for and the industry they aim to thrive within, can reveal a lot about their personality and life goals, both short-term and long-term. The reason for applying varies from person to person.

What can a career help to explain about a character? What types of jobs can boost a character’s appeal and set them a part from others? If this character were to write their own resume, what content might be featured?

Through this list of intriguing jobs, give your book characters thrill, excitement, and originality.

  1. Casting director
  2. Roller coaster operator
  3. App developer
  4. Interior designer
  5. Tour guide
  6. Wedding planner
  7. Bee keeper
  8. Lifeguard
  9. Caterer
  10. Dog walker
  11. Florist
  12. Baker
  13. Graphic designer
  14. Narrator or voice artist
  15. Comic writer
  16. Journalist
  17. Landscaper
  18. Professional athlete
  19. Pet stylist
  20. Screen printer
  21. Tattoo artist
  22. Ice cream shop owner
  23. Food critic
  24. School guidance counselor
  25. Massage therapist
  26. Psychic or fortune teller
  27. Family portrait photographer
  28. Librarian
  29. Fruit orchard owner
  30. Vineyard owner
  31. Zookeeper
  32. Script writer
  33. Orchestra conductor
  34. Chef
  35. Children’s book illustrator
  36. Jewelry designer
  37. Traveling magician
  38. A muralist
  39. Anthropologist
  40. Christmas tree farmer

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