Use Songs To Help Name Book Characters

Songs are known for hiding meaning within lyrics. Meaning can be interpreted through word-play, emotion, descriptive language, metaphors, similes, and more. But music can also feature something extra, becoming a resource for writers when it comes time to name book characters.

Think about the types of music you have been listening to recently.

Some songs are named after a person or, if you listen closely, names can sneak into songs. Next time you are struggling to name a character, press play on all or any of these songs for assistance.

One name sung might be able to spark a series of other names. For more information behind naming a book character, visit the resource here, another blog I wrote earlier this year.

1. Valerie by Amy Winehouse

– Valeria
– Valentina
– Vale

2. Hey Jude by The Beatles

– Judith
– Juliet
– Julianne

3. Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

– Bethany
– Beatrice
– Bella

4. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

– Carly
– Carla
– Cora

5. Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

– Ellie
– Ella
– Ellen

6. Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift

– Stewart
– Sterling
– Stanley

7. Arabella by Arctic Monkeys

– Annabelle
– Anna
– Anne

8. Queen Elizabeth by Cheat Codes

– Eliza
– Elaine
– Elena

9. Nina by Ed Sheeran

– Nora
– Noelle
– Nola

10. Carmen by Lana Del Rey

– Cameron
– Colleen
– Colette

11. Matilda by Alt-J

– Maddie
– Madison
– Madeline

12. Joanne by Lady Gaga

– Joanna
– Josephine
– Josephina

13. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles

– Lacie
– Libby
– Lindsay

14. Cheyenne by Jason Derulo

– Cheyenne
– Chanel
– Chantel
– Charlene

15. Josephine by The Wallflowers

– Josephine
– Josephina
– Jocelyn
– Joelle

16. Dear Prudence by The Beatles

– Prudence
– Penelope
– Pansy
– Polly

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