Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

I was never a part of the One Direction craze, but when the group disbanded and Zayn pursued his own solo projects, I was interested. My favorite album of his is Icarus Falls.


The sound, vibes, and mature lyrics was 100% himself. He spoke from the heart and just might have placed himself in his most vulnerable position. It was obvious that with each lyric and word he sung, he truly felt the words. It marked a prominent time in his life.

From Icarus Falls, I selected eight songs and created creative writing prompts inspired by each hit. If you love to write and combine music notes with words, then this blog is the perfect place to be.

To read my previous version using songs from Khalid, click the link!

N a t u r a l

“When we touch, like a force of nature.”

The second song of the record describes the natural beauty of someone’s touch and presence. Similes are cast with a blue ocean and the world’s powerful weather forces. The first writing prompt comes alive after the word natural and the rest is writer’s choice. Select a simple, mindless, mundane activity, such as buttoning a coat, folding laundry, or watering flowers. In addition, pick a weather disaster like an avalanche, hurricane, or flood. With balance, weave both elements into something cohesive. Make both ideas fit together and feel natural. The five senses will come in handy here.

T o n i g h t

“Space and time, I wanna fall into your eyes.”

Zayn finds himself obsessed with the night and wanting to spend it with one special person. He recognizes the progression of time and that tomorrow will appear, even though he doesn’t want it to. Inspired by Zayn’s persistent wishes about tonight, write a poem about the concerning aspect of time and possibly the anxieties that comes with the tick-tocking. Have the setting of this piece be centered at night.

F l i g h t O f T h e S t a r s

“You glow, I follow you close.”

If you were inside my mind while this song played, you would be transported to a starry scape, a cosmic village as glass planets spun. The song’s title is half to blame, but so is the background vocals, sounding like something galactic. The slower beat seems to float, like hovering bodies in outer space. This creative writing prompt will have extraterrestrial tones. Write of an intergalactic tale, something legendary that can cause your readers to feel as if they boarded a rocket ship and crossed the sky.

ABC News Go

S t a n d S t i l l

“If time stands still, move I will to you.”

Stand Still is another Zayn song with the element of time. Color Within the first verse, frequent mention of movement, and word swapping to juxtapose a normal grammatical sentence, makes this song unique. Following in the footsteps of Zayn’s tactic and technique in this song, play with sentence structure. Also experiment with movement and motion.

I m p r i n t

“We can leave an imprint.”

When we think about the idea of imprinting something, there has to be an object that does the imprinting, and the surface that had been imprinted. After, the imprint holds a memory, whether something joyful or painful. The meaning of the imprint can change over time. In the instance of this song, the meaning of an imprint goes more than one way; wanting to leave an imprint with the person he loves and wanting to leave an imprint upon each other. He wants that imprint to be something that is beautiful and always admired. For this creative writing prompt, select two object and describe the imprint that both can leave upon each other, whether realistically or abstractly. For example, an emotion and a person or a leaf and a puddle.

T h e r e Y o u A r e

“I got myself in a mess and without you, I’m in more.”

Zayn knows that he has that one person who is always there for him, all the time, permanently. This can cause the listener to think of their own person who is always there for them. Write a nostalgic story dedicated to the person who you most admire.

R a i n b e r r y

“Too many bones inside your closet, you thought you buried deep.”

This song is artistic in almost every sense, which reflects Zayn’s style. The meaning is likely complex and meant to mimic more than one thing. After listening to this song multiple times, the artful side shines through more and more. Soak up the abstractness of this song and write a story of your own that makes your audience question its context, meaning, purpose. Stretch their minds and surprise them. The topic is broad and there is unlimited space for creativity. Consider this challenge to be something avant-garde.

E n t e r t a i n e r

“You were my favorite entertainer.”

With a name like “Entertainer” you might expect a song that shows appreciation toward another individual. Instead, the term relates to someone who played Zayn, an entertainer for herself, enjoying making him look like a fool. Zayn uses the word entertainer to mean the opposite of its definition and connotation. In this creative writing prompt, use words where you can play with meaning and create an opposite emotion or definition than what is expected.

I f I G o t Y o u

“I’ll be there wherever you go.”

Just like Flight Of The Stars, this song can also transport to outer space. The ties to an outside foreign galaxy is stronger. Feeling the cosmic vibrations write a part two to the previous intergalactic piece.

Teen Vogue

*Images from Business Recorder, The Wondrous, ABC News Go, and Teen Vogue. I own no rights.

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