How I Turned Magazines Into An Art Project

It is easy for magazines to pile around the house, unread and unused. I collected some magazines around the house as well as ones I picked up at my local libraries. If you ever need to get your hands on some free magazines, libraries can be a nice place to turn to.

I sorted through the pages of such magazines and cut out words, images, and pictures that caught my eye and I felt inspired by. I organized each cutting onto a canvas of 8 x 11, the same size of a piece of paper. I completed this process twice, creating two separate mood boards.

I plan to hang both in my dorm room come my senior year in August.

If you are looking for something fun, artsy, and spontaneous, this is a great project to keep you busy for a day or two.

As you can see, this canvas is something typically used for painting. The surface offers a nice platform for collages as well. Some extra glue may be necessary to use as the rough surface can take some time for the paper to stick to.

I had many writing magazines that were stacked on my bookshelf for a very long time. Some of the content pertained to me, while other information did not. I used many images from those magazines for my art project. The magazines I got from libraries were family, nature, and pop culture based. All of the magazines offered great words, color, patterns, and imagery. Some magazines will provide you with more content than others. Of course, the style of your project will dictate the kinds of magazines you will gravitate towards.

Here are some up-close images of my first board.

And for the final result!

For the second mood board, I was also inspired by textures, bright colors, and words. I compiled each cut-out onto the board. Scroll for my second final result!


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