Infographics To Read Before Writing Pt. 2

Reading is great for the mind and learning new vocabulary. For writers, there are multiple benefits and advantages reading can offer. To start, reading a vast number of novels can sharpen writing skills, such as plot development, characterization, conflict follow through, and more.

Other resources and textual media can be of benefit to a writer. Reading a few infographics every now and again is a good idea. The infographics do not have to relate to the process of writing, however, which is where inspiration and knowledge makes itself known.

Earlier this year, I wrote a part one to this blog idea. Now, a second version has finally arrived. To read the first post, click here.

The theme of the infographics previously, and now, do not discuss the act of writing, but illustrate information of the world that can be helpful when such things sneak themselves into your story.

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The second round begins now.

*All infographics were found on Pinterest.

A really fascinating way to consider and write of a character’s home is to give it meaning to the plot and their conflict, whether internally or externally. A house, since it is a place they return to each day, can either be inviting or a space of anxiety. Understanding the place a home has for a character can help to produce powerful metaphors. The best metaphors can begin inside a character’s home. Furthermore, consider how interior and exterior style can convey to a story’s description and purpose, just like this infographic briefly suggests.

Not only does a character’s fashion sense attempt and achieve to help describe their personality, but it can also help to communicate something more. Knowing the terms for a cut of a particular piece of clothing can give broader perspective and also help to reflect the scene and possibly initiate a metaphor. For example, in the case of a collar, it may feel as if the fabric is suffocating the character once they reach a struggle or obstacle.

It is easy to make comparisons and contrasts to literary couples and characters in which we admire most. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is just one example, becoming an allusion in music, not just splashed across pages. If you want to compare your character’s love life with a famous literary couple, this infographic might be perfect for you when it comes to the decision process.

Continuing with the idea of a love story, just like the previous infographic, if you want a character to finally express their love for another individual and want to write of something dramatic, this quick graphic might be suitable for a brainstorming session.

Describing the flavor of food and drink can be smart to add into your story. Not only is it relatable if the reader has also consumed the food, but it can also create appeal as they crave the flavors right along with the characters. It ignites the sense of taste. There are many infographics that can detail food, ingredients, types, etc. This apple graphic is just a small glimpse into these “delicious” infographics.

When writing, roadblocks are sure to present themselves. Sometimes, you can be unsure of how to progress. Or you may feel as if your creativity and outlook has run dry, never to restore and replenish. Luckily and thankfully, creativity does refill, it just takes time to do so. Read this if you need to regain perspective and have to recharge your creativity. Redirect, try something new, and enjoy the beneficial results.

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