Blogger’s Block Solved: A Guide For Producing Compelling Content

Producing content as a blogger can be stressful. You will come face to face with lulls of little inspiration and traverse deserts of wondering if all of this is worth it. I can assure you that it is. All good things take time and can pull monumental effort from within us.

Outlined in this blog post are websites, resources, titling tips, and topics to try. This guide will help you to become a better blogger and produce prolific and compelling content. Elevate your blog today!


  • Hubspot

Hubspot is a source I have been aware of and sporadically used since October. The company aims to help businesses and content creators with promotional and marketing strategies.

Hubspot is a beneficial and informative resource. The website also has a page dedicated to blog topic ideas.

Using the generator is simple. To begin, type a noun into the text box. Up to five nouns can be placed into the generator. Be sure to split each noun by pressing “Add” beside the text box.

Once done, click the orange button to receive a series of blog topic ideas.

  • Answer The Public

This website is another great source for idea generation. The idea library is much larger than Hubspot. The source can present ideas for an essay’s thesis as well.

To use the generator, type a word into the keyword box. Then, press the “Get Questions” button.

You will be presented with a series of webs and lists. The webs and lists give hundreds of blogging ideas.



This tips list focuses on writing, building a presence and followers list, remaining true to your voice, and more. This list offers 16 tips.

Buffer released a list of blogging tips from the expert content creators of the world. About five years dated, these tips are still timeless.

Dream Host

Dream Host posted a list influenced by other blogging experts, interviewing the best to receive the most useful of tips.

Posted earlier this year in January, Dream Hosts offers 19 tips.


Grammarly/Hemingway App

Writing is a large part of blogging, which means spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are prone to happen, no matter how many times you can re-read. I am very much guilty of this. Grammarly can help pinpoint errors in your sentences and improve structure. While Grammarly is more widely used compared to Hemingway App, both can help to improve your writing skills and post higher quality content. Please note that since these sites are coded, not all recommendations suggested to you are correct.


Besides writing, planning and scheduling is also a big part of blogging. When it comes to planning your social media, developing compelling social media images and designs is important and integral in clicks and engagement. Rely on free resource Canva to help create social media posts. The correct measurements and sizes are there for you, just select your type and template to begin designing.

Stylistic Things

Click To Tweet

It is always a good idea to expand your blog by creating social media accounts. It is also good to keep them updated as new posts are uploaded and as a way to engage with a large audience. Boost your Twitter footprint with Click To Tweet, a free source that encourages your followers to easily tweet your post with an automated message. All it takes on your reader’s end is to click, no typing or additional work necessary. It is simply click to tweet.


Gaining a following is important when managing a blog. Without lots of traffic and willing readers, what is the point? To help draw people into your content, create a pop-up with call to action, requesting an email address for users to stay up to date when you post. Make people return to your blog day after day, rather just for one day. Please note that there are many websites that can help with creating email pop-ups. To the extent in which I am aware, Wisepops has one of the longest free trials of fourteen days.



I am tossing in another resource from Hubspot. This time around, it is a link to help with writing creative, catchy, and click-worthy headlines. The world is constantly pumping out headlines for news stories, creating stiff competition. Become a pro by following Hubspot’s headline guide.

What I like most about this Hubspot article is how informative and comprehensive it is.


Wix is a website hosting platform used by thousands. Their information and tip sheet for headlines is honest and reliable. Through example, Wix supplies many great ideas for titling your next post.

Quick Blog Posts

Typing “blog post ideas” or something similar into Google will spawn MANY results. Some of them awesome and others not so helpful. Still, these are some of the amazing things that are at your disposal.

I curated my own miniature blog post list of possible topics for you to explore in the future. Twist these ideas to help fit into your niche better.

  • I shopped at _______ for the first time
  • The best lesson(s) I learned this week
  • Outline of latest travels
  • What it is like to live with _______
  • Vogue’s 73 Questions
  • Photo dump of photography
  • An original poem/story
  • Shopping haul
  • Product review
  • Movie review
  • Book review
  • Outline of a store’s deals for the season
  • Best places to visit in your neighborhood or state
  • Cooking or baking tips

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