It’s Raining Hashtags: The Best Tags To Use For Your Niche

Photo sharing websites are for more than just sharing pet photos, your latest party’s tablescape, or the land of the place you recently traveled to. Instagram can be a perfect place to begin to expand and promote your business.

Instagram captions are either going to be read or ignored. The power of your photo then lies within the hashtags. The more hashtags used, the more locations your photo will appear. And the better hashtags used, the more opportunity there is for success, views, likes, and profile clicks.

Luckily, no matter your business or niche, there are plenty of valuable tags to add to your next post.

A list of hashtag recommendations lies in front of you, along with how many times that hashtag has been used. Understanding the scale of popularity for hashtags can come in handy.

For some extra tips, insert a location to your post. Reach a particular audience by attaching a location in which the photo pertains to. For example, if you manage a cooking profile, add a location in which your homemade cuisine derives from.

Also, tag accounts that relate to your content. It is annoying to tag for spam, but tagging accounts in which you believe would benefit from your account is a worthy tactic. Tagging yourself is never a bad idea too. It is another opportunity for someone to see your name and click to your profile.

As you add these special tags to your posts, remember that Instagram only allows a maximum number of hashtags per post. Adding more than thirty tags will cause your Instagram caption to disappear, preventing your photo from shuffling through the platform. Always count before you share.

At The Artist’s Desk

#art / 534m posts
#draws / 1.9m posts
#sketch / 92.2m posts
#artistsofinstagram / 7.6m posts
#artist / 145m posts

In The Writer’s Lounge

#writings / 1.3m posts
#writer / 18.2m posts
#writerscommunity / 5.7m posts
#write / 4.4m posts
#amwriting / 2.6m posts

By The Computer

#blog / 41.3m posts
#blogger / 84.8m posts
#bloggerstyle / 10.9m posts
#bloggers / 9.2m posts
#bloglife / 1.1m posts

At The Kitchen Table

#food / 350m posts
#foodphotography / 39.7m posts
#foodblogger / 33.1m posts
#foodpassion / 1.7m posts
#foodstagram / 55.7m posts

The Downtown Photoshoot

#photography / 456m posts
#photographer / 141m posts
#naturephotography / 75.7m posts
#photoshoot / 91.1m posts
#photooftheday / 702m posts

Inside The Closet

#fashion / 709m posts
#fashionblogger / 100m posts
#fashionista / 88.5m posts
#fashionaddict / 20.2m posts
#ootd / 267m posts

At The Studio

#music / 273m posts
#musical / 10.3m posts
#songwriter / 11.2m posts
#lyrics / 11.2m posts
#song / 31.2m posts

On The Nose

#beauty / 331m posts
#beautiful / 602m posts
#lifestyle / 188m posts
#makeup / 241m posts
#makeupartist / 68.6m posts

On The Airplane

#travel / 427m posts
#traveling / 65.5m posts
#travelgram / 106m posts
#beach / 228m posts
#roadtrip / 48.5m posts

At The New York Office

#smallbusiness / 23.2m posts
#marketing / 32m posts
#advertising / 8.4m posts
#business / 52.2m posts
#worklife / 4.4m posts

At The Gym

#fitness / 353m posts
#healthy / 65.2m posts
#mindfulness / 14.3m posts
#exercise / 45.8m posts
#gym / 170m posts

At Home
interior design

#interiordesign / 74.2m posts
#interior / 46.4m posts
#architecture / 111m posts
#architecturephotography / 11m posts
#house / 36m posts

While this is a general guide at adding helpful and popular tags to your Instagram post, there are many other valuable and frequently used tags. Experimenting with tags and studying their analytics is a good way to discover which tags work best for you.

Unfortunately, social media and hashtags are not a perfect science. However, these tags are perfect to begin with.

Get posting!

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