7 Best Writing Apps For Writers & Word Enthusiasts

We use apps to help us order food and catch a ride to anywhere. So why not have a few apps to help us write better? It just makes sense. Luckily, there are many that we can download onto our phones.

I like to switch up my writing apps often, but like to have a few on my phone at once.

Here are the apps I recommend, have used, and encourage all writers to carry with them. All of the suggested apps are free with an option for in-app purchases.

Hanx Writer

Not everyone has a typewriter to type on. Nowadays, we are only stuck with keyboards. This app mimics the feeling of typing on a typewriter, featuring those vintage clicks and clinks. For a small fee, you can update your style of typewriter within the app.

Story Dice

With this app, you do not have to purchase real story dice. Shake your phone to roll the dice and see where they fall. Using the images and icons that are on the dice, combine some or all of them into your story. There are a few themes of dice to choose from, which can change the trajectory of your writing.


This app is navigated through a carousel of cards, in which you are able to control the types of cards provided to you. The cards range from photographs, journal entry topics, blog title ideas, story starters, and more. Swiping through the deck of cards can help to ignite an idea and motivate to create.


Writer’s block is bound to happen over and over again. The worst part is when it seems to drag on forever, the end of the tunnel a long crawl away. This app helps you to keep the words, ideas, and writing life in motion. Opening a fresh document will allow a series of random words to appear. Your task is to click on the words, creating a story or poem. With limited language, your mind will have to stretch and be forced to write something of value.

Danger Notes

This app can also aid in writer’s block or to put your skills to the test. The purpose is simple and use is easy. Once you begin typing, five minutes will be put on the clock. If you leave the app or navigate out of the document, your work will be deleted. The main message is that you must keep going. You can’t be a writer if you do not keep writing.


A writing prompt is given to you and you must respond to the prompt. The prompts are creative and will often be outside your comfort zone or genre of expertise. Outside of the app, use the prompt to inspire a real story.

Word of the Day

Just like it sounds, this app gives you a brand new word a day. Not only does this app benefit writers in learning new words to incorporate in work, but English students are also sure to find this app convenient.

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