Antique Shop: A Poem

Crooked “Open” sign,
Three concrete steps up
Until the door is pushed
And a bell rings out
Like a bicycle ding,
Located all the way in the back.

Cardboard boxes,
Contents inside
Always seeming to swap.
Corners torn and tapped
Records placed
Of a million spins.

Melodious and harmonic rows
Of living room dances
And late night singing sessions.
Beatles & Beach Boys
Cash & Presley.

A gramophone
Perched window side
Propped upon a table,
Catching morning sun rays
Brass appearing gold.
Break lights and headlights reflecting
During afternoon traffic.
Late night moon shine, making everything prettier.

Were two mannequins
One of them headless.
A nearby shelf showcased
Faces and combed wigs
Some straight and others not.

The opposite wall
Supported a China cabinet,
A slice in the glass
Didn’t go unnoticed.
Teacups, butter knives, and silver spoons
Price tags dangling together
Like tea bags.

Salt and pepper shakers
Positioned in pairs
Like a couple in love,
Tied at the hip.
Too many mason jars
And children’s sippy cups
Dusty and spider-webbed.

Fossilized photographs
Drenched in black and white.
Post cards sent
And received,
Read and

For any of the days or holidays.

Like the ornaments fallen
From evergreen
Kicked beneath the tree,
A Christmas of the forgotten.
Cracked, shattered,
The ornaments do their best
To exude cheer,
But fail miserably.
Like the snow globe that wishes
To never be shaken
But must drizzle snow

Velvet case;
Jacket pins,
Necklaces and rings.
Shining and dazzling large.
Just slip it onto your neck
Or hand
And it is forever

Nursery rhymes
And books read at
Early editions of
Fashion magazines.

The vases in the back,
Standing tall
In all colors of clear
Sparkled beneath
The ceiling lights.
Thick glass
With aged fog
And cracks that pierced
In all directions.

Fake and real
Filled the spaces
Once before.

A wooden rocking horse
That would see-saw
If you stared at it long enough.

A row of dolls
Red hair and pigtails,
Gingham dresses,
Clunky black shoes,
Long eyelashes.

A stack of license plates
That have seen the world
And smelled the air
Of country and city.

Alabama and Utah
Pennsylvania and New York
Vermont and Tennessee
Michigan and Florida
And everything skipped
In the in-between.

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